Player Distribution

What city or region do you think the most Empire players live in? I’ll be moving back to the UK in April, but where in the UK may be affected by this info.

I think there are people all over the place. I know there are some meet ups in London now and again. I feel there are probably a fairly large concertation of people there however it is quite expensive living in London. I think there are a lot of northerners that go to empire. I recommend checking out facebook and the unofficial discord server as well as you will be able to reach people who aren’t on here and so get a better idea of where everyone is.

I’ve not seen anything that suggests any substantial difference from general population density. Maybe a slight bias towards university cities.

There probably are clusters at the IC nation level, mostly because of groups who are all from the same town.

I can’t think of a major GB town or city I haven’t encountered players from; there are players who come across from Ireland, down from Shetland; over from mainland Europe; and a few from across the Atlantic.

What about places that have fighter practices? I know there’s occasionally some in the Central Belt in Scotland, but what about the rest of the UK?

Fighter practices are usually advertised on Facebook. Try the main empire Lrp group.

Most are fairly irregular, and you get 10-15 max at any one event.

For what it’s worth, there may be a slight concentration around the current event site. I know a few of my Carta are semi-local in and around Northampton, I’m in Milton Keynes (20 minutes away) and I am sure the Larp Noobs podcast people are not too far away either.

There’s a concentration of Highguard in Hamsphire (Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke).

There’s also a fair few Empire players in Glasgow, another large concentration in Bristol and the surrounding area, and a huge number in Cambridge as far as I am aware.

Decent number based in and around the north-west too, lots in Manchester and Lancaster and we do regular(ish) froth meets in Manchester and far less regular weapons practice.

You could ask for a poll. PD can pull info on the player base perhaps. I dont think showing geographical demographics goes against GDPR rules.

PD are a bit busy, it’s not the sort of thing they’ll have time for before winter. And you won’t be able to runs poll here as they don’t make for good forum posts.

Myself I’m aware of concentrations of Larpers in Birmingham, London, Brighton and Oxford. It basically follows the concentration of the UKs population as far as I can tell.


Mapping it so far, it looks like concentrations of mostly English population centers with a fairly large gap between those and the Scottish Central Belt.

Peppered into that gap are York and Durham which both have a bunch of Empire players. (Durham has around 50,000 people… is that enough to count as a population centre?)