Player Event at the Celestial Cascade -- interested?

I have an idea for an Urizen player event, and I’d like to know how many people would be both interested and able to come along.

Set-up: An invitation to the Spire of the Celestial Cascade for a day of academic discussion and the presentation of papers. Basically it’d be a bit like Ted Talks with time to just sit around chatting as well.

Obviously this would be an exclusively talky player event, but if your character has some ideas they would like to share (be they magical, political, religious or economical), or would like the chance to hear those of others, then you might like this.

Date: Most likely the 5th-6th of April (i.e. two weeks before Empire Event 1).

This is the date of Insurrection, however there isn’t really a free weekend before Event 1, and afterwards will be coming up to my exams so it off-limits. This could potentially be changed to the 22nd-23rd of March, if more people would be lost to Insurrection than Ornithocracy. I’m just currently guessing that it’d be the other way around.

Place: Probably Snowball Plantation scout camp, in York. This has enough space for 39 people.

If you’d be interested in this please let me know either through this thread or PM, so I can get an idea of whether there’d be enough people to be worth making further plans with this.

Edit: Timing-wise, I’m thinking Time-in on Saturday morning and time out whenever people go to bed. We would be providing lunch and supper and probably breakfast if people wanted to stay Friday night.

I’m interested in coming to listen, although I don’t have a talk to give.

Interested in concept of a player event but the location would put me off. York is too far for me to realistically travel for a two-day event.

The concept interests me and I would be glad to hear of it happening, however it is unlikely that I would be back in the country on the days suggested.

Admittedly, that would be my response to most suggestions for the next 12 months, so don’t worry about my opinion. Go, debate, make Wisdom. :smiley:

Conceptually I really like the event. It fits in really well with some of my IC goals for next year.

Logistically , it looks like a nightmare. It’s a 4hour+ drive which I have to make after work, or in the wee small hours of Saturday.
And the April date just before Easter event is when we will be in getting ready for Empire mode.

Added to that my OOC partner , who plays in the Marches won’t be interested and is likely to be in hospital, or recovering from sometime around then and maybe needing help to move around the house. ( which may also mean I miss Easter anyway ) .

But I’d really like to make such an event, and will look at the logistics when the details have firmed up (inc. the hospital dates - we don’t actually have those yet) but if I can’t I’ll certainly aim to come and see you/your group at the next event I do make , to have some similar discussions.

Is this an Urizen only event? I would be interested if there were debates / papers on the Way and the Seven Virtues planned at all.

I’m interested, depending on cost.

@hjgsullivan: It would not be Urizen only, and papers on the Way are definitely possible. I’m not currently aware of anyone who has specifically said they want to give one though.

@fyrheafoc: Price will depend on how many people want to come, but at a very, very rough estimate I’m going to say £20-30?


This event now has a facebook page here

If you don’t have facebook and are interested, please PM me on here so I can send you the information on that page and put you on the list of attendees.

'Nother update:

We finally have a website separate to the facebook page, where people can book and specify dietary requirements etc.

Here is the link:

The website also has driving and public transport instructions.

We also have set prices:
£30 for players who book before March 16th
£35 for players who book after then.
£10 for crew (places limited of course)

Is there a date set for submission of papers?

While I won’t be able to attend, I’m tempted to write a paper on “The Transition of Coven Theory to Meta-Coven Theory” and think this would be an awesome venue to have it commented by Peers of the Empire.
Would that help, or do I need to find a victim, that is to say a proxy, who is going and ship them off with a copy?

I don’t necessarily need a completed paper before the event, just a basic description and a vague idea of how long it might take. However, if you want to send along some printed copies then they will be put out for people to read.