Player Events 2017/2018

As people are already starting to organise player events for the Winter season I’m opening up a new thread so people can post details of their events here.

Please post the event name, date, location and a brief summary of what it’s all about plus a link to your website or FB page.

Remember you can get your player event on the wiki here just drop PD an email with the details.

I would also recommend advertising your player events on, and


“As The Path Crumbles”
19th -20th August
Chislehurst Caves in London

“As The Path Crumbles” is an Empire LRP player event to take place in August 2017 in Chiselhurst Caves, London. The game is to have a heavy focus on dangerous situations – be they combat, curse or otherwise.

Grendel ships are not an uncommon site on the south coast of The Empire, but one spot, at the tip of the River Courus is drawing repeated attention. Fears of a camp being established to blockade the river quickly rise. While soldiers see to driving off the ships, it falls to Imperial Heroes to push further in land, to the site of the Grendel Camp. Arriving at the marked location they find a marble ruins and a tunnel leading deep underground, frost crystallizing around the edges.

We are currently full on player spaces, but you can join the waiting list here: As The Path Crumbles Waiting List.

We’re also looking for crew which you can sign up for on this form: As The Path Crumbles Crew Booking Form

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Contact email:

"College of War"
4th-6th August
The Jarman Centre, Newmarket

College of War is an Empire player event, aimed at characters interested in the strategic military side of the game. Rather than personal combat, this will focus on the movement of armies, forming and executing strategies.

The event will run from 4th to 6th of August 2017. It is fully catered with indoor accommodation.

In character, the event is hosted by Natalia and Gabriel Barossa, generals of the Towerjacks and Wolves of War respectively, in the region of Enterio, just outside their home city of Tassato Regario. They have invited a range of military thinkers from the Empire as guest lecturers and as students for the College of War. This will be a gathering of those who wish to hone their knowledge of strategy on a grand scale.

Tickets for those staying on-site will cost £60, off-site will cost £35 both including food.

The booking form for players and crew is here: College of War booking application

Event Website:
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"Through the Dark Places" An Empire - Navarr player event
24th -26th November
YHA Langdale

“Through the dark places, through this long night
we gathered the people, all bearing this light
And where they had gathered, the oaths there were sworn
Through Navarri Wisdom, the Empire was born”

An event set in Holtford, Miaren

The costs for this event are £80 per player, and £25 for crew.

Player booking link Through the Dark Places - Player Booking
Crew booking link Through the Dark Places - Crew Booking

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"Spring at Treji Wayhouse"
3 June 2017 at 13:00–21:00
Unitarian Church Hall, Cambridge, Emmanuel Rd, Cambridge CB1 1JW

An Empire social/politics player event set at Treji Wayhouse, hosted IC by Dan Brackensong with assistance from Eleri Bronwen’s Rest.
Run OC in Cambridge by David Proctor with assistance from Rosemary Warner.
IC Background:

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"Rhonwen’s Fall"
27th January 2018
Donnington Park Farmhouse Hotel
Castle Donington

A Social event with plot elements set in the Empire Campaign World.
Rhonwen’s Fall is set in Miaren. All Empire players welcome.

Player Place: £40 ; Provisionally limited to 70.
Crew Place: £15: Provisionally limited to 10

Price covers event and 3 course banquet, see event page for accommodation options.

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I am sure that you are aware of many of the stories that Rhonwen took on our behalf so many years ago. Many of the tales of that time are not widely told, but as I am sure that you are all aware, any deal with Eternals of the Winter Realm are not without a long price.
The Withering of the Vallorn in Miaren was a great victory, some would say the greatest victory that the Empire has known. What many have speculated but none that I have spoken to seem to know the answer, why the withering has not been recreated in over 350 years.
What is not known by many is that three times since the Withering of Miaren, Rhonwen’s fall has wept blood. None of these times within my lifetime, however. The signs have started again and a trickle of blood has started running from the streams again.
I will try to come to the Summer Solstice to speak to those who are interested about the stories, Although I do not know what had caused this, I think that it is a fair assumption that this is linked to the deals that Rhonwen made with the Winter Realm.
May you walk in Wisdom
Cardew Silent Word

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King’s Stoke Wassail V
3rd - 5th November 2017
Yorkshire Museum of Farming
Murton Park, York

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The Steward and People of King’s Stoke in the Marches will once again be welcoming friends to the village this autumn, to celebrate the harvest and remember the dead.

This is an invitation to celebrate Wassail - but as the Mournwold war rages just across the border, the area near King’s Stoke is not always a safe place, and those who can are advised to come equipped to fight.

Booking is not open yet, but sign up on the event to get the first alert when it is!

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The Repose Social - Empire Player Event
19 January 2018 - 21 January 2018
Bilberry Hill, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Facebook event is here.


The Naga Twins of the Sentinel’s Repose, and Achilles of Damakan’s Forge, invite you all for an evening of rest and relaxation at our tea house. As always, we will be hosting five contests for you to compete in, and provide food and drink for you all to sit back and socialise with us.

Friday and Sunday are OOC, whereas the full Saturday will be IC. A limiited amount of beds are available to book, as well as day tickets for those who don’t wish to spend the night.
Tickets will be priced at £55 for two nights, £35 for one night, and £20 for coming for the day only.



Seven Hours of Virtue…and the morning after…
10th - 11th February 2018
Left Bank Centre Leeds & Harrogate Steam Baths

Facebook event is here
Website is here:

A social low threat player event.

This two part event will be set at the Shining Towers, in Reikos, hosted by the Shattered Tower. The main event will be on the Saturday, encompassing an afternoon & evening of virtuous entertainments. On the Sunday there will be a smaller, optional, VIP trip to the chapter’s bathhouse.

The main event will be held at Left Bank in Leeds whilst, once again, Harrogate Steam baths will be playing the part of the chapter’s bathhouse.

Booking opens August 21st.


"That Ineluctable Something"
8th-10th December
Bilberry Hill Training Centre, B45 8RT, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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You have been drawn into a regio chamber aligned to Day by mysterious heralds. Mostly noncombat peril and investigation with some opt-in combat elements, and OOC opt-in personal horror.

An Empire Player Event at the Bilberry Hill Centre.

Brought to you by Michelle Taylor and Ceridwen Duck

Hospital Open Day player event, Oct 7th 2017 in York.

Talks, discussions, entertainment and this year also a little bit of plot. All welcome, whether or not you have Physick. Food provided but no accommodation - there are several nearby hostels etc for you to make your own arrangements.

"Behind Enemy Lines"
2nd-4th March 2018
Beverley Friary. HU17 0DF, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

You have found yourself on the wrong side of Jotun lines in the Green March, the part of Mournwold closest to Jotun lands, and taken refuge in a large farmhouse as the Jotun close in around you - with a family also harbouring its own secret. Mostly immersive horror with some potential for combat - and somewhat proportionate potential for character death.

Brought to you by Michelle Taylor and Ceridwen Duck

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Booking Form: Behind Enemy Lines

"Pride of Navarr"
12th-14th of January
Jarman Centre, Jarman, CB8 7 Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Dan Brackensong invites the singers, artists, performers and people of Navarr to Bronwen’s Rest for a festival of Navarri culture in memory of Geralt Brackensong. Guests are encouraged to offer performances in the evening and submit a copy of their work into a Navarri Songbook to commemorate the event.
The daytime will include exhibitions of art and craft and some fighting and training games including something from Heilyn Bronwen’s Rest.
The evening will feature a banquet around the performances with catering led by Eleri Bronwen’s Rest.


The event will be run at the Jarman Centre, Newmarket. 12th-14th January 2018 119 Dutchess Drive, Newmarket, CB8 9HB.
Other nations are welcome but space will be prioritised for Navarr characters, characters offering performances and characters with personal invitations.
The event will cost £60 for those sleeping indoors with a limit of 50.
Camping is possible probably at a reduced cost of £40. Due to the time of year, it’s likely to be cold out but there’s good facilities in the building.
In either case, concessions will be available based on demand. Please don’t try and sleep out in a cold tent to save money if you’ll do yourself in.
If you would be happy to sleep indoors or camp based on demand, let us know on the booking form.

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Our Navarri Cultural festival, Pride of Navarr is now open for booking. You can book here: Pride of Navarr
Booking will be open for 10 days and we’ll then send out payment requests.
The event runs 12th-14th January 2018. It’s fully catered with indoor sleeping.
If you like Songs and Stories, book now!

"One Day More"
23rd-25th February 2018
Alfrey Activity Centre, Meriden (between Coventry and Birmingham)

The Grendel rage across Spiral, Imperial forces pushed back on every side - but this is no rout. In a small settlement near the Onyx Path mountain pass into Spiral, the Seven Wandering Stars hope to secure the evacuation of civilians and delay the movement of the enemy enough to give the people of Spiral a chance to escape, and have put out a call to their friends and allies from Anvil to help.

This is a high-pressure event aimed primarily at the players of combatant characters. Full details are pending confirmation from the site, so please excuse the current vagueness!

Dates (proposed): 23 - 25 February 2018
Location (proposed): Alfrey Activity Centre, Meriden (between Coventry and Birmingham)

Out of character socialising on Friday evening
Time in from 10am Saturday to small hours of Sunday (with main “story” concluded by 9 - 10pm)
Out of character clear up and social on Sunday

There will be bunks available, and also day tickets for players intending to “commute” in. Catering or self-catering also available.

We will be seeking crew support mainly from members of Grendel EMUs - more details of this will also be forthcoming soon.

Details and ticket sales to follow after Empire E4!

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The Pledge Ball
24 February 2018
Ashton Masonic Guildhall, Jowetts Walk, Manchester Road, Ashton Under-Lyne, OL7 0BB

The annual masquerade ball and awards ceremony held by the Empire’s premier news source, The Pledge!

This is a social, no combat afternoon/evening event (no fighting at the venue - weapons only allowed for style and posing)

Pledge ball event page is now live! Bookings open Thurs 28 Sept at 8pm on the website: The Pledge - Event Booking (which also contains much more event information)

In previous years, demand has been high so please consider booking early to avoid disappointment.
If you have any questions, please contact us at

If you’re on facebook, the event page is the best way to keep up to date:


"Dare Seize The Fire
Saturday, 7 April 2018 - 15:00 to 23:00

As the cold closes in over the ancient mountains of Morrow and the Winter Solstice approaches, the Spire of the Auric Horizon once again throws open its gates to the great and the good of the Empire. All are invited to attend an evening of food, culture, and discussion.

This year, the seers and philosopher-Sentinels particularly encourage contemplation of the Virtue of Ambition. The Empire is beset by foes from without. The echoes of the rise and fall of schismatic ideology still ring throughout its whole. What fractures threaten to crack beneath these pressures and break through the fabric of Imperial society? Who will have the drive and vision to seize hold of opportunities and keep the Empire upon its fateful path? Which flames will yet burn brightest?

But be careful on the roads through the high mountains this season. Urizen bears fresh scars from this wounding year. Refugees climb the paths amongst the old province’s peaks, fleeing from the encroaching orcs that devastate Zenith and Spiral alike. Zealots enamoured with the blade’s keen edge take up their weapons with merciless purpose. The Night magics so heavily draped across the land, called down time and time again, have left their mark in the shadows and secrets that seep and scuttle from the dark corners of the nation.

So come, gather in the warmth of the Spire’s halls; ponder the encroaching gloom; and fan the embers of Ambition that they might bright light to the Empire in the coming year.

OOC Notes:
Dare Seize The Fire is a non-combat, social roleplaying event in the Empire setting, held in the Spire of the Auric Horizon in Morrow, Urizen.

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Now we are come into our Kingdom
Friday 2 - Sunday 4 March 2018
Featherstone Castle, NE49 0

Booking for £25 deposits only will open on Saturday 30/09/2017 at 19:00 the remaining figure of £55 will be due by 01/11/2017.

Dawn has been invaded. Dawnguard and The Gate which guards the flank of Holberg have fallen and Druj armies rampage upon Dawnish soil. This gathering will be a towards the end of the season, perhaps a brief respite for some before returning to their warbands and the wider battlefronts. For others mayhaps it offers one last a chance to see their family before the long travel to Anvil begins.

House De Rondell & House De Coeurdefer have cordially invited their friends and allies to join them near Lacre in Dawn.

The Event is indoor sleeping & fully catered.

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(If this does not work, email cathtice @ gmail,com :slight_smile: )

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"Empire Day 2"
Saturday 7th January 2018
The Crown & Cushion, Minley Road, Minley, Surrey. GU17 9UA


The first Saturday of every (real) year, prominent citizens of every nation gather together on the site that way back on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Empire, Empress Richilde, (known as the Sun Queen), made the announcement that henceforth on this day we would all celebrate the Empire that we have built with music, poems, food, drink, stories and laughter. This is a roughly one hundred player, multi-nation social, very low threat event held in a medieval barn / pub run by two PD staff members.

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"The Annual Sarvos Benefit Ball"
Saturday 31st March
Charlton House, Charlton Road, London SE7 8RE

Citizen of the Empire

This coming season the Casa di Dolcezza shall once again be opening its doors to welcome the heroes of the Empire to a benefit ball for the good of the fair city of Sarvos.

It is the dearest wish of the hosts that you are able to attend. After the success of last year’s events you can expect another evening of music, dancing, lively conversation, scandal and opportunities to show your prosperity.

We look forward to seeing you and any guests that you would like to accompany you.

For Sarvos and in virtue.

Magdalena Alanga & Nessetta Constanta

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