Player Events 2018/2019


Just so there’s a placeholder thread for upcoming player events I’m kicking this off now so people can bookmark it.

Please post the event name, date, location and a brief summary of what it’s all about plus a link to your website or FB page.

Remember you can get your player event on the wiki here just drop PD an email with the details.

I would also recommend advertising your player events on, and

Crewing/Monstering player events


Thy Kingdom Comes
5 October - 7 October 2018
Featherstone Castle, Haltwhistle

It’s going to be a tumultuous year. The best way to welcome the slow road to Winter is a harvest in Astolat; and Bohemond de Rondell welcomes all to Griffin’s Peak…

(The replacement event for the postponed “Now We Are Come To Our Kingdom” new bookings available but contact the organisers)

FB Event Page:


The Ties that Bind
31 August - 2 September
Bilbery Hill Center, Birmingham

House Ossienne invite all of the Houses of Dawn and friends from other nations to celebrate the Virtue of the Yeofolk of Dawn. Every year, House Ossienne travel to their smallholdings on the banks of the Semmerlak, to celebrate the Courage, Loyalty and Prosperity of the yeofolk who serve their house – but in honour of their new Enchantress, they would like to invite all of Dawn and the Empire to share in their celebration.

The Nobles and Troubadours of Dawn are invited to share tales and celebrate their Pride in their yeofolk with stories, song and rituals.
The Yeofolk of all houses are invited to mingle with the nobility of Dawn, to celebrate what it is to be yeofolk, and what it may mean to raise to the rank of noble in our nation.

The other nations of the Empire are invited to come and celebrate the traditions of Dawn – to learn what it is to be yeofolk and noble – and what it takes to make the decision to be one or the other.
While the great Summer storms rage across the Semmerlak, let us all rejoice that we are safely ashore, and prepare for the challenges of the season to come.

OC Information:

Cost: £85

Friday – Sunday, Fully catered, indoor sleeping

The event will take place between the Summer and Autumn main Empire events


FB Event Page:


Booking has just opened for The Ties that Bind here. More updates on their FB event page:


Syrah & Summer: A Singing & Sparring Social
12:00-20:00 Saturday 2nd of June
Shotover Park, Oxford

The Gilded Shade, an open air parador by the road out of Nestor’s Bounty in Kahraman, is hosting a picnic to welcome in the Spring at the behest of one of the local hakima Sol i Riqueza. All welcome. Expect what is usually expected of a relaxing Freeborn social.

OOC Info:

Brass Coast players & Friends gather together in Oxford on Saturday the 2nd of June to enjoy each others company and have a picnic in the park as well as practice a few songs and swing some weapons.

Contact Oliver Boggs via Facebook Messenger for an invite to the Facebook event where you can find more details.


Writing on The Wall
3pm, 30th June 2018
Location: Pomegranate Restaurant, 1 Antigua Street, EH1 3NH Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Facebook link:

A new story has been added to the Great Walls of Damata, the tale of the Sinking of the Freeborn Storm. Argi i Guerra and the Celesti invites the great and the good of the Empire to join them for a banquet before the grand unveiling of the engraving (and inevitable street party).

This is a strongly Freeborn flavoured event and tickets were made available to members of the Brass Coast first. The event is a one off gathering, no combat, no threat. It’s a chance to have fun, mingle and sing along. I expect there may be OC socialising afterwards for those not travelling home immediately.

Booking is now open to all nations.

Player Events 2017/2018

Sunset over Serra Briante
August 18th-19th
Gunman Airsoft - Eversley, RG27 0PY, Fleet, Hampshire

An evening of feasting, singing and sparring in the north Kahraman Hills hosted by the Golden Harpies band of Kohan.

“It is late summer YE382, the Harpies move north to prepare an abandoned fortress in Serra Briante for occupation over the winter. The Northen border with Liathaven must be held, and watched, but life is short - let it never be dull! To celebrate another summer of war well fought, the Harpies invite you to an evening in their company in Serra Briante. Although the barracks are not yet finished, a nearby Navarr steading, displaced from their homeland to the north, have offered their village for sleeping in. Bring songs, bring stories, bring your virtuous selves and perhaps a little roseweald - you can’t be too careful with the border so close.”

FB event link:


November 9th-11th
Huntley Wood, near Stoke on Trent, ST10 2NS

A trip is being planned to the Broken Shore to pay a visit to the Grendel. We won’t be bringing them chocolates or flowers.

This will be a combat-heavy event, but will have significant amounts of non-combat plot concerning magic, religion, morality, and problem-solving. It will not necessary to be a combatant to enjoy it, but do note that it is intended to be tough, with refs who are entirely happy with characters dying if they cock things up.

The trigger for the event is personal plot for a few players, but there are plenty of reasons why others might want to come. If you’d like to know more IC, come and find the appropriate people IC :slight_smile:

See the Facebook page: for details.

There are separate pages linked from there for players and crew. Crewing will involve playing Grendel on their home ground, with a dedicated IC base to work from - EMUs welcome.

Cost: £50 to play, £5 to crew, £25 to be catered for. Limited indoor accommodation available.


The House of Rooks II - Inspire Harder
9 February 2019
Swaffham Prior, Cambridge

This is the 2nd House of Rooks event - an Empire Sanctioned Event.

This is just a relaxing social event. Honest.

Facebook event page:


Seven Hours of Virtue
2nd and 3rd March 2019
Left Bank, Cardigan Rd, Leeds (Saturday) and Turkish Baths in Harrogate (Sunday)

A Highguard player event
Open to members of all nations. Yes, even Orcs.

Dates, Times, Venue
Seven Hours of Virtue – The Social
2nd of March 2019
14.00 – 22.30
Left Bank Leeds, Cardigan Rd, Leeds, LS6 1LJ
Costs – £30

The Morning After – The Steam Bath
3rd of March 2019
12.00 – 14.30 or 14.30 – 17.00
Harrogate Turkish Baths & Health Spa, Parliament Street,
Harrogate, HG1 2WH
Costs – £35

Booking Opens on Friday 31st August at 8pm

Facebook page:


Wrapped in shadow - Vexille Empire Social Event
Saturday, 23 March 2019, 14:00-21:00
Charlton House, Charlton Road, London, SE7 8RE

Cost: TBC

OOC: this is a SOCIAL event, with food, drinks, dancing, music, and something a little extra on the side :slight_smile:


“Wrapped in shadow, bathed in glory
Who’ll play a part in this year’s story?
Weavers, Witches. Knights and all,
Come show your Virtue in Vexille’s hall.”

The Ebon Rose, Earl Enchanter Guissart Vexille,
invites those from all nations to his halls to celebrate your virtue and to honour those who struck fear into the heart of the Druj.

In the traditions of the house, he offers mists and mystery, mirrors and mischief and as guests you are encouraged to join us in these indulgences as you drink, eat and make merry.

We will offer those who wish, the chance to partake in a tradition of the House dating back to its birth, and the chance to beat its members in Glorious test.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, those who partake in guising as a member of the House, be they current or past, be they imagined or real will be offered additional hospitality and honoured engagement in the great game which shall be played by those who wish to test their wits, guile and Glory with the House.

May the shadows warm you,
and the Virtues guide.

Event FB Page:


From Ancient Roots, New Flowers Bloom: A Devereux Social Event
January 19th 2019
Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry

To stave off the harsh winter, House Devereux open their hearth and home to their friends, family and comrades from across the Empire.

There will be a limit of 64 guests
Pricing: for the room hire plus a finger buffet it is £48 pp wirh access to the bar too.

FB Event Link:


Longest Night, Winters Turn: An Empire Social
9th February 2019
InSpire - the Crypt at St Peter’s, Liverpool Grove, SE17 2HH London

“To the people of the Empire,

We Exiles End invite you to join us to celebrate the Longest Night to reflect on a year marked by great feats of Winter Magic. The Shades of Winter steading of Miaren have stated they open their doors to any who wish to join us and there is shelter and food aplenty for any who would travel the trods to celebrate with us. It is simple fair but the fire is warm, the drink is spiced and the drums are calling. Come dance with us. “

The Long Night is often celebrated by the Navarr but tends to be a quieter affair as bad weather can make it challenging to congregate in great numbers.

It’s a mid-Winter gathering at a waystation in Miaren. As such it’s open to all Nations. There will be some mid-winter games.

6 hours timed in.

Costs: £30. There will be food but you are welcome to bring your own. Discounts for those with special diets. BYOB cup and plate please.

We will take bookings first and if we reach the critical number of players we will then ask for payment. Once paid we cannot offer refunds except for exceptional circumstances unfortunately as all money will go straight on the venue. Swapping and selling on tickets by agreement.

FB event link:


Hidden By The Light - Investigate Shadow’s Reach
2nd - 4th November 2018
Featherstone Castle, Northumberland

You have been invited by Aurelia, formerly of Endsmeet Spire in Zenith, to go to her childhood home in Spiral… The long abandoned Spire of Shadow’s Reach.

Once beautiful, and inhabited, it is now a ruin, left to war and secrets long dispersed and disturbed. Aurelia is the only one that remains of this place, and cordially invites you, Heroes of the Empire, to help her rebuild and relearn the stories hidden within.

Unfortunately, some stories should remain untouched.


This is a low combat, investigative horror event, Friday is OC and entirely optional. Time in is on Saturday at 4pm to account for travel. Sunday is OC. Catering is provided and will accommodate for allergies, vegan and gf needs.

Booking Form:
FB Event Link:


Carta Bellamarina Pre-Raid Party: Empire Social
24 November 2018
Rushden Hall, Hall Park, Rushden, Northamptonshire

Cost: £25

PD Sanctioned Event
The Carta Bellamarina are opening their doors and hosting a party to celebrate the raid on The Grendel, and the Ambition of those Imperial Citizens who will soon be departing on the raid. They are inviting all citizens to join them in this celebration. Rumours are spreading that Cristofano will attend and use it as a platform for his Eternal business, but that is just a rumour… :wink:

This is a fully catered, social event.

Only Leaguers will be able to book at the start but ALL nations are welcome.

FB event link:


The Repose
25th January 2019
Bilberry Hill, Birmingham

The Naga Twins of the Repose invite you all for a day of rest and relaxation. As always, we will be hosting five contests for you to compete in, and provide food and drink for you all to sit back and socialise with us. This year we move from the ashen remains of our home of Endsmeet in Zenith, to the home of Lord Kahendrin De Rondelle in Weirwater, Dawn.

Friday and Sunday are out-of-character, whereas the full Saturday will be in-character. A limited amount of beds are available to book, as well as day tickets for those who don’t wish to spend the night.
Tickets will be priced at £55 for two nights, £35 for one night, and £20 for coming for the day only.

Event information can be found here:

Contest information can be found here:

Menu and food information can be found here:



Over The Edge
11th-12th January 2019
Gunman Airsoft - Eversley, Hampshire
Placeholder event for an Empire player event with a focus on survival skills as a major part of the game.

Very combat heavy, 24 hour time in. More details to come.

The game will be run with Empire rules for all purposes, with heroic combat (EyeLarp style) strongly encouraged.

A rag-tag band of heroes from all nations. Highguard, Dawn, Navarr, may have more of a vested interest or more relevant skillsets, but any nation is permitted.

You can only bring what you can carry, including sleeping stuff, food, cooking stuff, armour, weapons etc.

We’ll put together some guides on how to make an IC packup shelter/package IC rations etc.

AWARD-WINNING Gunman Eversley site.

Max. 20 players, need 15+ crew.

Registration for Player and Crew roles are now open!

Please only register for one and not the other (at least until Player registration is closed)

Player registration form:

Player spaces will be open for registration until the end of October. Within the first week of November we will do a lottery for spaces. You will receive an email with a link to the EyeLarp website on which you can pay either a £25 deposit (and the rest in cash on arrival to the game) or the £75 ticket price in full.

Crew spaces will probably be open for registration until either about a week before the event or when we get 40+ish crew signups.

Crew registration form:


A Space To Think And Breathe
11th - 13th January 2019
The Jarman Centre, Newmarket

Adina’s Charge invite you to visit for a day of debate and relaxation at their home. On the border between Casinea and Reikos the Chapterhouse is at the top of Wavecrest Mount - one of the more obvious inspirations for the Chapter’s symbol: a long sloping hill on three sides and a cliff to the east that goes down to the road.

When war comes to Reikos it is one of the first lines of defence for Casinea, but at the moment it is peaceful. With the chaos in the Empire at present they wish to share that peace with others and give them a space to think and breathe.

There will be a series of 10 minute presentations by guest speakers (To be arranged) throughout the day that guests can choose to attend, ending at dinner time. After that the evening is free for you to talk, sing, or continue discussions from earlier as you wish.

We hope that you will join us and take some time away from the stress of Anvil and everyday life.

Josephine, Melchior and Barachel of Adina’s Charge.


OC Details:

This is a social player event being held at Adina’s Charge in Casinea. There will be no plot and no planned combat or sparring, you will not need weapons, but if you want to spar you can choose to bring some. Time in will be Saturday only from 10am to whenever people go to bed.

The event is being held at the Jarman Centre in Newmarket from Friday evening to Sunday morning. There is indoor sleeping on site for ~50 people, but there is also a travelodge in the centre of Newmarket about 5 minutes away by car.

Please note: The site does not allow outdoor shoes to be worn inside, bring slippers or indoor shoes.

This event will be catered by the lovely Rosemary Warner. Details to be confirmed, but food will be provided for all Saturday and Sunday morning. You will need to organise your own food on Friday evening but there are plenty of good quality takeaways nearby as well as supermarkets.

FB Event Page:


Broken Road
8-9th February 2019
John Lees Wood Scout Site

The Vale of Strascovia has come far in the last few years. Formerly a reclusive vale, it is now awash with visitors such as pilgrims to the Grim Gardens, warriors serving at the Grimhold and the Navarr that walk the nearby trods.

Shortly before the Winter Solstice at Anvil these travellers, along with many of the locals gather at the Harder Task Inn for a night of revelry before leaving the safety of the vale and heading out onto the roads.

Broken Roads is the second player event for Empire Larp that we have run, taking us outside the safety of the Grimhold fortress and into the slightly less forests on the edge of the vale, so expect more creepy varushkan then last time.

The event is running at John Lees Scout site, so there will be indoor bunks available to all players, and like last time it will be fully catered.

Cost - £70