Player Events 2018/2019


Printers’ Guild Ball and Pledge Awards
Saturday 23 Feb 2019
Venue to be announced (once provisional booking confirmed)

Bookings will be opening in the next week or so. Last year we sold out in less than an hour so if you’re interested, be prepared!

If you want to keep up to date with details and announcements, please join our facebook group


Leave Some of Your Happiness Behind
31 May 2019 - 2 June 2019
Featherstone Castle, Haltwhistle

Honoured guests,

As the wheel of the seasons turns ever onwards it passes, once again, through the depths of Winter. House Remys has long celebrated the lessons we can learn from this most bitter of seasons but following our return from hermitage, the Enchantress Remys has decreed that invitations be sent to luminaries of the Empire so that they might celebrate alongside us.

In the dying days of Winter YE382, Chateau Remys, deep in the heart of Weirsmoor, will open its doors to guests who accept our invitation to a few days of hospitality, including the Masque of Falling Snow. There they shall be invited to attend a grand feast in honour of the occasion before the Masque itself begins. Once the bell chimes, the attendees will don their guisings ready to meet the ghosts that the Masque attracts and give them one night of happiness before they depart as dawn breaks.
In addition to the Masque of Falling Snow, other entertainments will be provided as well as an opportunity for the great and good of the Empire to mingle in the relaxing Weirsmoor countryside.

House Remys are pleased to sharing our most beloved festival with the Empire and look forward to hearing whether you can attend.

Samuel Clerk
On behalf of Enchantress Remys

This is an Empire Player Event hosted by members of House Remys.

Booking will open soon, cost expected to be in the region of £80 (exact cost TBC) and will include a luxurious feast provided by Serve it Forth. The event is intended to be low combat but high threat largely focusing around ghosts, the dead and what it means to Love something.

There are around 50 places, priority will be given to members of House Remys and a very small number of invited guests but there will be a significant number of places left for open booking (40 or so spots). The remaining places will be allocated via a draw if we reach the cap - the venue hosts more than 50 people so I’ll be surprised if we fill up entirely.

FB event page:


Hospital Open Day
19th January 2019

Celebrating the work of those who practice the healing arts across the Empire, with learned talks followed by evening entertainment.

All Imperial Citizens welcome, whether your character has a connection with healing, or just wants to support the people who might patch them up some day.

Bookings now open, cost £20, one day, no accommodation.


Beneath the Golden Swathes: An Empire Social Event
Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 (TBC)
Dorchester-on-Thames Abbey Guest House, Oxfordshire

Don your gilded masks and finest attire. The Rosa di Lamia Merchants Guild invites denizens of The Empire to the celebration of their guild’s revival! It will be a night of games and revelry, with live music performances and all the delights and pleasures Rosa di Lamia can offer.

OOC Event Info (TBC)
Date: Saturday 2nd February 2019
Location: Dorchester-on-Thames Abbey Guest House (upper room)
Time: 15:00-22:00 (ic from 16:00 - 6hrs IC)

Will start taking bookings once the venue confirms the date. Limited to 60 attendees (venue limit is 60-70).

Other info: This event will be ticketed, £5 each to go towards venue hire and refreshments/food. Feel free to bring your own food and drink - if you’re a caterer/baker and you’d be willing to bring something for the table then we can waive ticket cost.

Facebook event


The Grand Hunt
8th February - 10th February 2019
Gunman Airsoft - Eversley

“Louder, louder chant the lay,
Waken, lords and ladies gay!
Tell them youth and mirth and glee
Run a course as well as we;
Time, stern huntsman! who can balk,
Staunch as hound and fleet as hawk:
Think of this, and rise with day,
Gentle lords and ladies gay!”

Lady Nimue de Beaumont, a noble Dawnish hunter of some renown, invites all those who delight in the glory of the hunt to her House’s lands in Weirmoor, a region notorious for the quality and variety of its game. In past seasons she has led the hunt to the heart of the forest, pursuing bears, mountain lions, dire-wolves and even the occasional wyvern, for the Glory of her house and for the trophies that now cover the walls of Beaumont Keep.

Lady Nimue has heard tell that Anvil now regularly hosts groups of others who share her zeal for the thrill of the chase, so is for the first time formally welcoming Imperials of all nations to test their mettle against her house in a grand hunt, a contest over two nights to bring the head of the most glorious beast to her tourney grounds. She is particularly interested to see how the Wintermark notion of Heroism stands up against Dawnish steel.

The contest will begin with a banquet, so all may know their rivals and break bread with them. Then the following morning, the hunt begins…

+++pending sanctioning from Profound Decisions+++

The Grand Hunt will be a medium level threat game, with creatures most heroes of the Empire consider too dangerous to take on alone. It is particularly suited to groups of players from individual nations, but there’s also space for individuals within the envisaged game.

The site consists of several settlements built and maintained by players and crew of the various EyeLarp games. The buildings in the Viking Village will be allocated for sleeping arrangements once we know numbers, and will be IC for the duration of the game. There is also space for both IC and OC tents close by.

There is no running water on site so please bring enough drinking and washing water for your party.

Tickets will be £75 which includes the Friday night banquet.
Booking forms and payment will be up shortly.
crewing is free, crew will be fed and on the go all weekend.

FB Event page:


Springwake 2: Homecoming
November 30th - 2nd December
Huntley Wood

It’s been almost two years since the Imperial Citizens came and aided Ashwood Striding to reclaim their old Steading’s home from the Vallorn, Orcs, and bandits.

Now it’s time to head back, and see how they’ve grown. We welcome all nations to celebrate the rebirth of the Steading.

(Med-combat, with a more social Saturday night. 50 players, 25 crew. Food included in the ticket price, £50 for players, £5 for crew)

FB Event Link:


Something wicked this way comes
April 5th 2019
Hill Farm Chellington

On the border of Casinea and Miaren stands the small Chapter House of Ester’s Lament long turned to a place of contemplation and quiet piety. Once a great thriving Chapter it is much reduced these days. Rumours abound of hidden chests of coin and resources, the Chapters historical sudden and inexplicable fall from extreme wealth strange and unexplained.

Some years ago, so the tale goes, the Exarch was saved in battle by a Navarr and from that day forth Navarr priests were welcome to stay and share what little the now impoverish Chapter had.

Now every so often the priests of Ester’s Lament send out missives and letters with challenging and interesting ideas that are much debated at Synod. Composed of a mix of Navarr and Highguard priests it is rare for them to leave their abode as the dozen or so who reside there are known to be old but well versed in Wit and faith. Sometimes a young priest will go visit to discuss the thoughts of the day and gather their wisdom.

But something has changed

The Highguard Exarch sends his people out to request priests to come to his aid.

The priests within the fort seem… changed. And shadows are seen prowling the dark woods. The air is odd and there is a sense of something wrong.

He asks that you come and investigate.

FB event link:


March 15th - 17th 2019
Alrey Scout Camp, Warwickshire

A Low Combat, High Energy Player event for Healers of all persuasions.
Triage returns! This time, we are heading to Morrow, joining the Sentinel Guard to face down the Druj invasion. You will be joining a Field Hospital on the front lines in dire need of skilled healers to support the troops at a critical point.
You will need to handle the influx of patients in a series of demanding scenarios, deciding who to treat and how to treat them.
Expect unusual traumatic wounds.
Expect demanding and conflicting patients.
Expect infection, poison, confusion and amputation.
Expect hard choices.
Expect to get messy!


Twas in the deep midwinter
30th March 10.00-20.00 2019
Tithe Barn Bosworth Battlefield

A social event to celebrate, plan and have fun
£40 i/c food, places limited to 70, pay by November 30th

Due to facebook difficulties, contact Dave Buttery for more details.


Mina’s Birthday - A Howling Pines Social Event
22-24th February 2019
The Jarman Center, 119 Duchess Drive, Newmarket, CB8 9HB

An Empire social event hosted by The Howling Pines of Varushka.

The Pines have been away from Anvil for a year, a very long year. As Autumn turns to Winter, it is once again, Mina’s birthday. We promise it won’t be like last time…

This event is a social event for songs, stories, puzzles and catching up with friends, old and new.

Food all day Saturday and Sunday breakfast will be provided - the menu to be posted once booking has been completed.

Time in is all day Saturday, with a soft time out at midnight.

FB event link:


A Match Made in Sarvos
10th March 2019, 11:00-19:100
Smallfield Place, Cogmans Lane, RH6 9JD Horley

Do you long for a new friend? A confidante or companion? A love connection? A new partner in business, perhaps?

For one day only, the Carta Stellare is throwing open the doors of its exclusive country retreat, in the name of fellowship and festivity.

Join us for a party of peerless proportions, in the sumptuous style you have come to expect from Sarvos’ premier guild of Cicisbei.

Merely tell us what you wish for in a dining partner and we shall use our expertise to match you with your perfect companion - then you shall dine together in intimate surroundings.

OOC Info:

Join us for a ‘First Dates’ style lunch - though in this case you may be matched for any reason. Just let us know on the booking form what you are looking for IC and OC, any special requirements, or anything you don’t want, and we shall do the rest!

Dinner will consist of three courses and half a bottle of wine per person, with your choice of meat or vegan options. There will also be soft drinks and all the tea/coffee you can drink! We will have exclusive hire of the gorgeous Smallfield Place, near Redhill in Surrey.

Tickets are £45, with a deposit of £20 payable upon booking to secure your place. The balance will be due at the start of February.

Bookings open at 7pm on Thursday 13th December.

FB event link:


Small note to say that Mina’s Birthday is now open for general bookings.

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