Player Events 2019/2020

Here’s a thread for all Empire player events after E4 this year and into next.

Please post the event name, date, location and a brief summary of what it’s all about plus a link to your website or FB page.

Remember you can get your player event on the wiki here just drop PD an email with the details.

I would also recommend advertising your player events on, and


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Nemesis 2
15-17 November 2019
Huntley Wood (near Stoke on Trent)

After the success of Nemesis last November, we will be running again this year :slight_smile:

We’re at the very early stages of planning, so no details are available as yet. Broadly, however:

  • We’ll be looking for around 40-50 players and 30 odd crew (EMUs encouraged)

  • OOC it will be much the same format. Some bunks will be available, optional full catering, similar pricing. I’m very much hoping to get more lights around the compound, though.

  • IC plot is yet to be determined. We’re kicking some ideas round but they haven’t yet coalesced into a solid pln.

  • Overall tone and style will be similar: a big sandbox with lots of potential for violence and no easy answers.

I expect to be in a position to open up for bookings in a couple of months, with proper prices and so on. In the meantime, do save the date :slight_smile:

The Facebook group is here:


A Rough Night in a League Tavern
19th October 2019
London (venue tbc)

The intent is to run a one day player event in London set in a League bar, with optional plot and “setting NPCs”. The current thought is to include a charge of one ring as part of the event price to represent the cost of the meal IC, and use that money as part of the resources available for the plot team.

FB event page:

The Repose Social Event
17-19 January 2020
Bilberry Hill Training Centre, Birmingham

Placeholder for the Repose Social Event 2020. More details to follow later in the year, but for now just save the date!

FB event page:

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Nemesis 2
15-17 November 2019
Huntley Wood, near Stoke on Trent

Following up from the success of Nemesis last year, I’m pleased to announce a sequel. Details are on a Facebook group at

There is no specific player-led plot this time (or at least not yet). The IC setting will emerge over the next few months, but very broadly: Druj. In the woods. Possibly even with venom

The style will be the same sort of open-ended sandbox as Nemesis, with potentially a lot of fighting but also significant non-combat elements. It being Druj, you should be warned that there will probably be some unpleasant aspects to the event.

As with Nemesis, plot and reffing is by Gary Smith and Chris Terry, OOC admin by Andy Jackson, and IC admin (if necessary) by Sagramore de Gauvain.

Cost is £60 if you have a steady income, £50 if you don’t (self-assessed). £5 to crew

If you want food it will cost £25 for 6 meals (Friday night to Sunday lunchtime).

PLease note: we are currently over-subscribed and operating a waiting list. I hope to get more places, but this depends on the refs and crew numbers.

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Iron - Cold Iron - is master of them all
22-24 November 2019
Featherstone Castle

“The Road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began, but a new Light rises in the East”

House De Rondell welcomes guests to their demesne for a celebration. To be held in honour of the conquest of new lands to the East of the Empire and the raising of the banners to bring the Barrens back into Dawnish Hands. There will be wine, song, and the fires of Ambition in hearths and hearts.

Join us in our Prosperity and our joy and celebrate your great goals and Ambitions for the year ahead.

As ever a challenge will be issued to all participants. This to take place on the second day of the gathering.

OOC Booking will open on 30/06/2019 By eventbrite. Ticket Price £85 for Guests and £30 for Crew. The event is fully catered and we will seek to work with all guests so all dietary needs will be met.

>>Event Booking Link

The initial deposit of £25.00 is due alongside booking with the final payments due by 29/09/2019.

FB Event: (post in this FB post to get access, or ask someone with an invite to invite you)

Empire Player Event - Triple Bill
"Return to Serra Briante" - Brass Coast Social, 9th August 2019
"Highguard Hench" - Imperial Bootcamp, 10th August 2019
"Harvest at East Watch Farm" - Marcher Feast, 11th August 2019
Gunman Airsoft - Eversley

Come down to Eversley for a weekend of Empire player events! We’ve got not one, not two but THREE events lined up for you over an august weekend:

  • A Freeborn-flavoured social in our newly finished Viking mead hall set in Kahraman on the Friday night - menu TBD

  • “Highguard Hench” - Imperial boot camp! Start your day with a dip in the nearby Horseshoe Lake, then head back to Eversley for weapons training, a trail run through our beautiful forest, yoga and the never before seen Highguard ‘Cathleon’, with a healthy, hearty Casinean lunch in the middle.

  • “Harvest at East Watch Farm” - a one-night sanctioned player event with a full Marcher feast in our new Mead Hall. Hosted by the notoriously odd Marcher House Guildenlain, this promises to be a dip into Marcher tradition, lore and hearth magic, with a healthy dose of merry-making thrown in.

We’ll also be working on some craft activities during the bootcamp, so if working up a sweat isn’t your cup of tea, drop into the hall and join us, or enjoy a stroll around our 64 acre Surrey home.

The price for any one event is £30, or £75 for the whole weekend.
This includes IC and OC camping from 2pm Friday until 2pm Sunday.

Tickets will be available from 7pm on Sunday 30th June.

TEN application pending we should have a (barbarian) cash bar serving ale, cider and soft drinks. Please bring your own IC drinking utensils!

FB Event: