Player Events 2019/2020


Here’s a thread for all Empire player events after E4 this year and into next.

Please post the event name, date, location and a brief summary of what it’s all about plus a link to your website or FB page.

Remember you can get your player event on the wiki here just drop PD an email with the details.

I would also recommend advertising your player events on, and


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Player Events 2018/2019

Nemesis 2
15-17 November 2019
Huntley Wood (near Stoke on Trent)

After the success of Nemesis last November, we will be running again this year :slight_smile:

We’re at the very early stages of planning, so no details are available as yet. Broadly, however:

  • We’ll be looking for around 40-50 players and 30 odd crew (EMUs encouraged)

  • OOC it will be much the same format. Some bunks will be available, optional full catering, similar pricing. I’m very much hoping to get more lights around the compound, though.

  • IC plot is yet to be determined. We’re kicking some ideas round but they haven’t yet coalesced into a solid pln.

  • Overall tone and style will be similar: a big sandbox with lots of potential for violence and no easy answers.

I expect to be in a position to open up for bookings in a couple of months, with proper prices and so on. In the meantime, do save the date :slight_smile:

The Facebook group is here:

Player Events 2018/2019

A Rough Night in a League Tavern
19th October 2019
London (venue tbc)

The intent is to run a one day player event in London set in a League bar, with optional plot and “setting NPCs”. The current thought is to include a charge of one ring as part of the event price to represent the cost of the meal IC, and use that money as part of the resources available for the plot team.

FB event page:


The Repose Social Event
17-19 January 2020
Bilberry Hill Training Centre, Birmingham

Placeholder for the Repose Social Event 2020. More details to follow later in the year, but for now just save the date!

FB event page:

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