Player Events 2019/2020

Iron - Cold Iron - is master of them all
22-24 November 2019
Featherstone Castle

“The Road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began, but a new Light rises in the East”

House De Rondell welcomes guests to their demesne for a celebration. To be held in honour of the conquest of new lands to the East of the Empire and the raising of the banners to bring the Barrens back into Dawnish Hands. There will be wine, song, and the fires of Ambition in hearths and hearts.

Join us in our Prosperity and our joy and celebrate your great goals and Ambitions for the year ahead.

As ever a challenge will be issued to all participants. This to take place on the second day of the gathering.

OOC Booking will open on 30/06/2019 By eventbrite. Ticket Price £85 for Guests and £30 for Crew. The event is fully catered and we will seek to work with all guests so all dietary needs will be met.

>>Event Booking Link

The initial deposit of £25.00 is due alongside booking with the final payments due by 29/09/2019.

FB Event: (post in this FB post to get access, or ask someone with an invite to invite you)

Empire Player Event - Triple Bill
"Return to Serra Briante" - Brass Coast Social, 9th August 2019
"Highguard Hench" - Imperial Bootcamp, 10th August 2019
"Harvest at East Watch Farm" - Marcher Feast, 11th August 2019
Gunman Airsoft - Eversley

Come down to Eversley for a weekend of Empire player events! We’ve got not one, not two but THREE events lined up for you over an august weekend:

  • A Freeborn-flavoured social in our newly finished Viking mead hall set in Kahraman on the Friday night - menu TBD

  • “Highguard Hench” - Imperial boot camp! Start your day with a dip in the nearby Horseshoe Lake, then head back to Eversley for weapons training, a trail run through our beautiful forest, yoga and the never before seen Highguard ‘Cathleon’, with a healthy, hearty Casinean lunch in the middle.

  • “Harvest at East Watch Farm” - a one-night sanctioned player event with a full Marcher feast in our new Mead Hall. Hosted by the notoriously odd Marcher House Guildenlain, this promises to be a dip into Marcher tradition, lore and hearth magic, with a healthy dose of merry-making thrown in.

We’ll also be working on some craft activities during the bootcamp, so if working up a sweat isn’t your cup of tea, drop into the hall and join us, or enjoy a stroll around our 64 acre Surrey home.

The price for any one event is £30, or £75 for the whole weekend.
This includes IC and OC camping from 2pm Friday until 2pm Sunday.

Tickets will be available from 7pm on Sunday 30th June.

TEN application pending we should have a (barbarian) cash bar serving ale, cider and soft drinks. Please bring your own IC drinking utensils!

FB Event:

King’s Stoke Wassail VII
1st - 3rd November 2019
Yorkshire Museum of Farming - Murton Park, York

A planned sanctioned event in the Empire gameworld, for Marchers and friends.

The Steward and People of King’s Stoke once more invite friends to join them, as every year since the Breaking of the King, in sharing the prosperity of harvest and in loyal remembrance of those who have died.

Catering will be provided by Serve it Forth. Further details will follow.

Details from previous event:
FB Event:

Sing For The Coming Of The Longest Night: An Empire Player Event
10th January 2020
Jarman Centre, Newmarket

A social player event centered around Navarr culture, especially Songs and Stories. In Character, the occasion is Eleri’s Bronwen’s Rest’s 40th Birthday, hosted by her and Dan Brackensong at the Bronwen’s Rest Wayhouse. It’s appropriate for any Empire character but especially good for Navarr characters, characters with friends and family in Navarr and other bards/performers.
Friendly combat available, but entirely optional.

Cost and booking

Costs: £60, catered Saturday breakfast to Sunday breakfast
Day trip only cost: £35
Concessions available: no more than £25 staying over, £20 day trip.
50 spaces available for indoor sleeping
Additional outdoor camping possible if we get really full, but it is January!

Booking is not yet open. It will open after E4 2019.

More details on the FB event page:

Leave Some of Your Happiness Behind
17th - 19th January 2020
Featherstone Castle, Haltwhistle

Honoured guests,

As the wheel of the seasons turns ever onwards it passes, once again, through the depths of Winter. House Remys has long celebrated the lessons we can learn from this most bitter of seasons but following our return from hermitage, the Enchantress Remys has decreed that invitations be sent to luminaries of the Empire so that they might celebrate alongside us.

In the dying days of Winter YE382, Chateau Remys, deep in the heart of Weirsmoor, will open its doors to guests who accept our invitation to a few days of hospitality, including the Masque of Falling Snow. There they shall be invited to attend a grand feast in honour of the occasion before the Masque itself begins. Once the bell chimes, the attendees will don their guisings ready to meet the ghosts that the Masque attracts and give them one night of happiness before they depart as dawn breaks.
In addition to the Masque of Falling Snow, other entertainments will be provided as well as an opportunity for the great and good of the Empire to mingle in the relaxing Weirsmoor countryside.

House Remys are pleased to sharing our most beloved festival with the Empire and look forward to hearing whether you can attend.

Samuel Clerk
On behalf of Enchantress Remys

This is an Empire Player Event hosted by members of House Remys.

Booking will open soon, costing £85 and will include a luxurious feast provided by Serve it Forth. The event is intended to be low combat but high threat largely focusing around ghosts, the dead and what it means to Love something.

There are around 50 places, priority will be given to members of House Remys and a very small number of invited guests but there will be a significant number of places left for open booking (40 or so spots). The remaining places will be allocated via a draw if we reach the cap - the venue hosts more than 50 people so I’ll be surprised if we fill up entirely.

FB Event Page:

Seven Hours of Virtue…and the morning after…IV
7th-8th March 2019
Left Bank Centre Leeds & Harrogate Steam Baths

Facebook event is here
Website is here:

A social player event.

This two part event will be set at the Shining Towers, in Reikos, hosted by the Shattered Tower. The main event will be on the Saturday, encompassing an afternoon & evening of virtuous entertainments. On the Sunday there will be a smaller, optional, VIP trip to the chapter’s bathhouse.

The main event will be held at Left Bank in Leeds & Harrogate Steam baths will be playing the part of the chapter’s bathhouse.


Crimson Reaper Cartel’s Winter Ball
16th November 2019
Old Shire Hall, Warwick

A night of intrigue, fun and dancing! Welcome, everybody to the Crimson Reaper Cartel’s Winter Ball!

There will be Dancing, entertainment - music and even a tournament! With prizes for the winner!
(Also alcohol!)

It is a time to hold friends and family close, to repair bonds- and make friends anew.

The theme is:

The Masquerade of Crimson.
(Black, Red and masks!)

There is a £5 deposit on booking - This is so that I can secure the event location. They don’t hold dates; so it’s important that we all move as quickly as possible. If I lose the location before I can put down the deposit that kind of puts a little bit of a spanner in the works.

So. This is how it’s going to work.

There are 180 tickets available to the empire!

Each ticket will be £40+ £5 deposit

If you want a ticket - please send the deposit to this PayPal link and then fill out this google form!

Once I have your form, I’ll be sending you a formal IC invite :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait to see you there!

  • Sister Lilly Joyce Von Holberg

(The full amount is due in three weeks from the day of the venue secured. I’ll update you all.)

(Final note, if you wish to apply to crew - PM me personally. I have 10 spaces, and crew tickets are £5 + deposit)

This is a link to the Facebook page:


A Match Made In Sarvos
14th March 2020
Gildings Barns, Surrey, RH5 5BN

Do you long for a new friend? A confidante or companion? A love connection? A new partner in business, perhaps?

Following the success of our dazzling event last year, the Carta Stellare is once more throwing open the doors of its exclusive country retreat, in the name of fellowship and festivity.

Join us for a party of peerless proportions, in the sumptuous style you have come to expect from Sarvos’ premier guild of Cicisbei.

Merely tell us what you wish for in a dining partner and we shall use our expertise to match you with your perfect companion - then you shall dine together in intimate surroundings.

Each guest will have the chance to have two ‘dates’ - one for dinner and one for dessert. Our charming cicisbei will be on hand for encouragement, facilitation, or whatever the pair of you desire. Merely ring the bell upon your table and one of us shall appear!

After dining, guests may mingle, enjoying each other’s company and delighting in entertainments from the attendant cicisbei. Join us for a soiree of poetry, song - and a daring new play by our magnificent Prince Ortenzia, the Cicisbeo of a Thousand Faces.
Enjoy the atmosphere, stroll in the garden - and perhaps find a secret spot or two away from the crowd…

We would delight in your company for this special event.

Amore, more, ore, re,

Carta Stellare


Join us for a ‘First Dates’ style lunch - though in this case you may be matched for any reason, not only for romance. Just let us know on the booking form what you are looking for IC and OC, any special requirements, or anything you don’t want, and we shall do the rest!

If you would feel more comfortable choosing your own match OC, then just find a partner and let us know when you both book (we will help concoct an IC reason why you were matched if needed)

Dinner will consist of three courses, with your choice of meat or vegan options. There will also be soft drinks and all the tea/coffee you can drink, and an option to add half a bottle of wine with dinner.

£50 for a three course meal
£53 for a three course meal with half a bottle of wine

Tickets will be released after Empire E4 with an initial deposit of £25 - watch this space!

FB Event:

The Baker’s Ball - Autumn Edition
23rd November 2019
The Manor Hall At Coalpit Heath, Bristol

The second Baker’s Ball has arrived, and is here to stay to celebrate the fruits of the year and the harvest. Join citizens from all over the Empire to celebrate the delights brought to you by the finest bakers across the land!

Baker’s Tickets: £20. Ticket Limit: 10 (more may be released depending on Guest numbers/interest)
Guest Tickets: £25. Ticket Limit: 30 (more may be released upon further interest).


Baker’s Tickets:
Guest Tickets:

FB Event Page:

The Little Mothers Ball
22nd Feb 2020
Highbury Hall, Birmingham

The Church of the Little Mother cordially invites you to the social event of the season “The Little Mother’s Ball”, where the great and the good congregate from across The Empire to Feast, Frolic, Forge new alliances and, in doing so, help Feed the orphans of the Empire.

There will be acts , including one from the high bard of the empire as well as others to be announced, dancing and much merriment to be had.

We are sharing with you in our prosperity so that you may share yours to feed and shelter the orphans of the Empire, so we might find them work - because, as we all know, that everyone is a citizen of the Empire, and that today’s destitute orphans might rise to be the leaders of tomorrow. Donation boxes will be at every table, so make sure to bring your coin with you. We will also be holding an auction on some choice items. Have something to donate to the auction? send the church a letter!

OCC Information.

Date: 22 Feb 2020
Location: Highbury Hall, 4 Yew Tree Rd, Birmingham B13 8QG
Time in: 6pm - 11pm.
Ticket Price: £33 (incudes buffet)
Accessibility: All ground floor, step free access and facilities

The event is a one night social, no combat, no threat. It’s a chance to have fun IC.

Held at Highbury hall, Birmingham, we’ll have the whole ground floor at our disposal, with many quite corners to plot in and a great hall eating and dancing and also a OC Card Only Bar.

There will be a buffet (included in the ticket price), with vegetarian options included and other requirements on request. (Buffet menu to be announced soon).

Ticket prices are £33, Spaces are limited (booking will open just after E4)

30 Car Park spaces on site, further away parking information available closer to the date.

Birmingham has a wide verity of hotels, suitable for most people’s budgets.

FB Event Page:

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(Updated listing for the Repose Social)

The Repose Social
7th-9th Feb 2020
Blackwell Adventure, Bromsgrove

The Repose Social Event will be returning next year on the weekend of Feb 7th-9th! Slight change in date but we’re still going!

This is a social player event which has many competitions to take part in. We have a fighting tournament, and contests for art, crafting, baking, poetry, and story telling. All winners receive prizes!

Bookings open on Saturday 28th September at 8pm. Further info can be found on our event page below:

Twas in the Deep Midwinter
16th Feb 2020, Noon till late
The Fleece Inn, Evesham

Earl Roger is delighted to invite once again, members of the House Du Soleil, De Rondell and Orzel and their friends from Dawn and the Empire, to the House Du Soleil winter celebrations.

Let us forge greater bonds, Eat, Drink and be Merry together for tomorrow…who knows what the future may bring (apart from death to the Druj!)

Sunday 16th February 2020, Noon till late at the Fleece Barn, The Fleece Inn, The Cross, Bretforton, Evesham, WR11 7JE

The cost is £30 per person (roughly), and will include food (there is a pay bar) and maybe more…depending on numbers

There are plenty of local hotels if needed in Evesham i/c a Premier Inn.

FB Link:

House of Lies
November 2020 (TBC)
Location TBC

A Guild and a Chapter both occupy sprawling estates on the very border between Highguard and the League, on the edge on Casinea and Sarvos. Together they gather gossip from across the Empire for their collection of detailed records in order to know all the possible truths about Imperials Citizens, especially potential candidates for Exemplar or Paragon.

Now both have had to call on the heroes of the Empire to come to their aid - secrets have started to escape their confines; a number of grisly murders having occurred, making a fear grow deep within their hearts. They find themselves wondering of the danger that their records might become in the wrong hands.

Perhaps those heroes will discover how and why the secrets are being leaked, solve the murders, and decide how best to deal with the threat of too many truths buried deep in lies.

Or perhaps they too will be deceived.

Follow for more details when they’re available.

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Empire Day 383YE
Saturday 11th January 2020
The Crown & Cushion, Minley Road, Minley, Surrey. GU17 9UA

The Queens Head tavern where way back on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Empire Empress Richilde, (known as the Sun Queen), made the announcement that henceforth on this day we would all celebrate the Empire that we have built with music, poems, food, drink, stories and laughter.

Price: £45
Details and Booking:

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Top of the Scops
16 Nov - 17 Nov 2019
Gunman Airsoft, Eversley

Thane Ingrid Thrice-Forged of Drake Hall in Hahnmark invites all storytellers, musicians and singers of the Empire to her hall to share in an evening of revelry!

She wishes it to be known that her husband Sven Forkbeard, a chef of some little renown, will lay on hearty simple fayre for all in attendance and those performers whose act impresses her will be rewarded with items and resources from her own forge.

To aid her in judging she has invited a number of individuals from her own nation and others, who may also award prizes or challenges at their discretion.

Thane Ingrid has also made it clear that everyone will be under the bounds of hospitality during their stay, and that duels of wits are far more appropriate than duels with weapons!

OC information:

This is an Empire player event geared toward performers, but open to all who enjoy an evening of eating, drinking and making merry in a mead hall in surrey!

We are seeking sanctioning for this event and will update the event description if that is achieved. This event is suitable for players of all ages and will be non-combative.

Tickets are £35 per person.

If you would like to take part as a performer, please PM us at Feast Your Eyes!

We have full access to the Viking Village for this event, a purpose-built settlement built and maintained by the EYELarp community. There is space inside the walls of the village for IC tents, and we will be sharing the OC campsite with a tabletop gaming group who are using Wild West, the other settlement that evening, but there should be plenty of room. We also have several buildings inside the Viking Village that are available to sleep in on a first-come first-served basis on the night.

Access to the site will be from 5pm Saturday.
Time in will be 7pm
Time out will be 2am
Please vacate the site by 10am Sunday

Gunman Airsoft Eversley is a 64 acre forest situated between Reading and Basingstoke and is home to EYELarp and Feast Your Eyes. We have hosted several Empire player events in the last few years, including Over The Edge, which won best sanctioned event in the 2019 LARP Awards.

The site has no plumbing so please bring drinking water with you. We recommend at least 2L per person.

The proposed menu is a variety of stews, breads and cheeses and a simple hearty dessert TBC. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know using the contact form on the booking page.

Tickets are available here:
FB Event here:

Love, Glory and Virtue
11th January 2020
Oran Mhor, Glasgow

Join the Chantry of the Silver Skull for the Feast of Good Walder

FB Group:
FB Event:

Nemesis 2
15-17 November 2019
Huntley Wood

It turns out that Nemesis 2 has so many crew coming that we can manage a small number of extra player spaces :slight_smile:

EDIT: it looks like we’re now full again, but I’m happy to operate a waiting list in case anyone drops out.

It’s 15-17 November at Huntley Wood. Full details are at, or see further up the page

The plot is that a Dawnish Earl has sent for help: her House in the Barrens have been shrouding their lands with magic since the Druj invaded, but the veil is tearing and soon the Druj will find them. She needs people to move quickly to hold the Druj off and buy time for her people to get away.

It’s going to be a high combat, high threat, puzzle-solving sneaker of a choose-your-own-adventure sandbox with over fourteen million possible endings - of which I am led to believe at least one includes survival.

All indoor sleeping space is now booked, but hot food is still available.

Drop me a line here, on Facebook, or by email if you’re interested.

Sorry, no crew places are available: we have more than we intended already, and a waiting list :frowning: In fact, looking back at my first post on this thread the event is looking like being almost twice the size we first envisaged…

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The Symposium Of The Drowned
Sunday, 15 March 2020,11:00-19:00
Charlton House, London

The Circle of the Drowned invite all to their Winter Symposium. Enjoy an afternoon of wine, debate and discussion in the picturesque city of Cargo, shortly before the Winter Solstice.

Debate the nature of power and sacrifice, whether political or magical, with Urizen’s premier coven of Winter ritualists, and discuss the future of our Empire with all in attendance.

OC Information

This is a player event hosted at Charlton House, London, on Sunday 15 March, beginning at midday and running through until 6pm.

Booking is open now (form here) with a ticket cost of £30, with a deposit payable when your place is confirmed.

It is likely that the playable area will be under the enchantment Solace of Chimes.

We will be operating under the Profound Decisions’s E&D policy, and we reserve the right to refuse any individual a place at this event without explanation.

FB Event:

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A Tale of Rose and Wine
Saturday, 1 February 2020, 2:00-21:00
Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon, Church Street

A social event hosted by House Montrose of Dawn.

Saturday 1st February - time in 2, time out 8. We have a few dances and will have a OC brief at 1.

Tickets! Including food! And a some wine, or squash! £35 per person.

On the 14th November at 20.00 tickets will be open. There will be three methods to apply for a ticket.

We suggest use of the first method, first come first serve when the form opens on the 14th at 20.00.
However we understand that first come first served is not an appropriate method of acquisition for all. For those who wish to take a different path we suggest:

  • Get someone else to sign up for you. We will post what details will be needed a few days before release so you can make sure they have the right information.
  • Prebook by filling out an alternate form that will be available a week before the release. (Please talk to me, Martin Moffatt or Red Lexford) This will put you on a random ranking based on proportional representation.

An hour after release we will count the number of applicants and do some maths to figure out who is successful. Neither option will be statistically advantageous.

Those who are successful will have 48 hours to pay £35 for their ticket. If you are unable to pay in full within the time limit please speak to us after you have been successfully allocated a possible ticket. Anyone who is unsuccessful will go on the waiting list.

We are friendly! And very understanding so please do come speak with us if need more clarification!

FB event:

Drawn To a Candle Flame
13th-15th Nov 2020
Saint Briavels, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

The ancient and reclusive House De Lyss, famous for the quality of their “Alyssa” candles, live within the wild and untamed forests of Axmure, on the road to Drycastle. The heavily fortified manor has stood against both Druj raiders and beast alike, but now Earl Morgan De Lyss has given the order to open the doors to allow all Imperial Citizens to attend the festivities and help celebrate their birthday!

A chance to enjoy the hospitality of this noble house as well as explore their great halls. Experience the secrets of their Alyssa bees with a chance to make your own candle . What light will be thrown upon the many mysteries of the House during this celebration?

“Drawn to a Candle Flame” is a Sanctioned Player Event run in the world of Profound Decisions’ Empire.

While this event is set in Dawnish territory, characters of all nations are welcome to attend, join with the festivities and games, and learn more about this Dawnish House.

This event is low-combat, but will be an opportunity to engage in a plot-heavy event exploring; Festivities and Banqueting, Games and Ballgowning, Love and Courtship, Magic and Rituals, Ancient Heirlooms, Tests and Challenges, Nobles and Yeofolk, Girding, Investigation and more.

The game will focus firmly on elements from the Dawn National Brief whilst creating engaging plot for other nations. A wonderful flourish of socialising and plot with chance to make and keep your own candles.

All set in the magical and historical St Briavels Castle known for its’ haunted grounds. Will the secrets of the past entice you?

This is a mainly indoor event with the Castle being a Youth Hostel so beds provided across a number of rooms.

Ticket prices are £140 and include a Friday night meal, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday Breakfast. There will also be a banquet included in this price and as mentioned above, a chance to try your hand at candle making.

The Castle is a licenced premises with staff hosting the bar. This means NO alcohol on site apart from bought from the fairly priced bar. If I see anyone with their own alcohol I will confiscate it and you can ask for it back from me on Sunday morning. You have been warned!

With it being a small village, there is a loud noise curfew for 11:30pm which crew and staff will enforce.

Where: St Briavels Castle
When: 13th-15th November 2020
Time in: Friday 7pm - 3am
Saturday: 10:30 - 3am
Sunday there is no time in and will be a quick pack down with rooms cleared for 10:30am and players off site for 12:30pm

Facebook Group -
Facebook Event -