Player events and combat

I have a quick question about combat at player events;

I know larger sanctioned events will have skirmishes or similar and they require a ref present, for obvious reasons…

My question is:
If there were to be a small probably private player event and they decided to run a tournament amongst themselves (because Dawnish knights gunna Dawnish knight), would that also require a ref? I cant imagine it would

Only if there is permanent changes to the campaign, IE PLayer deaths


You can roleplay anything within reason in downtime. There is nothing really stopping you doing this roleplay in person at a player event, whether or not it is sanctioned.

(In practice, “sanctioned” really just means “plot approved by PD” and “follows the Empire rules, including Conduct”.)

So you can absolutely have a fight as your characters. As you’re not at a mainline event, there won’t necessarily be any refs around to ensure fair play and safe fighting - that’s on you. But you can treat the outcome as canon as long as it doesn’t go against PD rules or established canon.

So you can have a winner - you can give out your own prizes - you can even have someone die. But their death can only be self-reported the same way any player can self-report character death on the website.

Breaches of the conduct rules could have an impact that would be picked up at a mainline event. This might extend to massively unsafe fighting or intimidation of players

But otherwise, PD have absolutely no power to stop you fighting with foam swords in your back garden.


Pretty much this ^. It’s good to have someone give a safety brief, check weapons, shields and armour and keep an eye out for unsafe fighting if you’re doing a tournament. If you’ve got someone who’ll do that for you cool, but they’re just acting as a ref for your event. No player run events require an official PD ref, cool if you can bribe one to attend but it’s not needed :slight_smile: .