Player Events - Winter 2016/17

Welcome to the all purpose player thread for the Winter season. Please post the event name, date, location and a brief summary of what it’s all about plus a link to your website or FB page and that would be awesome.

Remember you can get your player event on the wiki here just drop PD an email with the details.

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King’s Stoke Wassail IV
November 4-6th
Yorkshire Museum Of Farming And Danelaw Viking Village, York

A planned sanctioned event in the Empire gameworld, for Marchers and friends.

Booking is now open at

The steward and people of King’s Stoke once more invite friends to join them, as every year since the Breaking of the King, in sharing the prosperity of harvest and in loyal remembrance of those who have died.

This year early booking is open to Marchers, previous attendees, and people we have given IC invitations to (in writing). Bookings from others will be held until 19 September, at which point they will be processed in the order they were received.

FB Page here -

House of Rooks
Date: 21st January 2017
Location: Swaffham Prior Village Hall, Near Cambridge
Price: £15, £10 for under 14’s.

The chapters of Raven’s Watch and Reumah’s Redoubt invite Virtuous Citizens, both Highborn and other nations, to a celebration of culture, art and music.

This festival shall be held in the Great Hall of the House of Rooks, within the confines of the Shining City of Bastion.

All are welcome, in Virtue.

Booking Form:
FB Page:

The Repose Social
Jan 20th-22nd
Bilberry Hill Centre, Birmingham, B45 8RT

The Naga Twins of the Sentinel’s Repose, and Achilles of Damakan’s Forge, invite you all for an evening of rest and relaxation at our tea house. As last time, there will be a variety of contests to participate in, and we will be happy to serve you drinks, food, and provide wonderful relaxation.

Everyone is welcome to attend, feel free to invite more friends. Booking will open shortly, and there will be an announcement on this page with a link to a booking form. There are 60 spaces avaliable.

This time the event will take place over the weekend. People can pay to stay one night or two nights, ticket prices have not yet been figured out but will be announced soon.

Friday will be OOC, people can arrive from 6pm onwards (message us if you want to arrive earlier). Saturday will be IC, and Sunday morning will be subject to a vote if people wish to be IC or OOC.

FB page:

More general info can be found here:

Contest info can be found here:

Food info can be found here:

The Mind-Forged Manacles I Hear
November 25-27th
YHA Grinton Lodge, North Yorkshire

The Mind Forged Manacles I Hear
An Empire Sanctioned Event

When the Spire of the Twisting Shadows fell in 380YE, questions began to emerge about exactly what had been occurring there. Talk of citizens detained against their will abounded, along with many darker whispers still.

A group of Imperial citizens began an enquiry into the activities of the Spire during the Summer Solstice, but most leads turned out fruitlessly - until now.

Marshwatch Spire, situated in northern Lustri, a scant few miles from the shores of the Feverwater, has been known as a place of learning for decades. Specialising in the sciences of the apothecary and the chiurgeon, they always had close links to the Twisting Shadows - and it has emerged that a number of mage-physicians from the Twisting Shadows, along with several of their charges, quietly arrived at the spire around the Summer Solstice.

A few twists of the Net of the Heavens, and a dozen or so favours called in, and an academic conference has been arranged to occur at Marshwatch, providing an excellent cover for further investigations…

This will be an event for approximately 40-50 players and 10-20 crew, exploring themes of mental illness, culpability, compassion, disease, hubris and conspiracy. This event is likely to contain themes that some players may find uncomfortable, and is probably not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Though there is a possibility of combat, and a low-to-moderate level of threat to characters, the event is generally focused on investigation, and will be especially suitable for ritualists, priests, and the like.

FB page:

Empire Day
Sat 7th Jan 2017
The Crown & Cushion, Minley Road, Minley, Surrey. GU17 9UA
Price: £40

So where are you celebrating Empire Day this winter?

Have you thought of getting a ticket to the most exclusive location to celebrate it in The Empire?

The Queens Head tavern where way back on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Empire Empress Richilde, (known as the Sun Queen), made the announcement that henceforth on this day we would all celebrate the Empire that we have built with music, poems, food, drink, stories and laughter. Further information on the contests being held can be found [here]. For the Empire Day anthem go [here for lyrics] and [here being sung]

The Queens Head is just to the north east of Anvil itself on the junction of the Brightway and Broch roads, right on the border where the regions of Astrolat, Casinea and Broceliand meet. As well as many travellers of note, the tavern is often frequented with civil servants who have travelled down from their nearby main administrative base at Castle of Thorns to the west.

FB Group:

Iron Raptors: The Blade Falls
April 14th-17th
Price: £65

The Winds of War catch in the raised banners marching to battle. Lines drawn, drums beating. The Iron Raptors call to arms.

100 players, £65 a ticket, crewing is free. First come, first served. Booking Open Now.

FB Page:

Printers’ Guild Ball and Pledge Awards
Saturday, February 4, 2017 at 4 PM - 11 PM
Burton Upon Trent Town Hall

Another year of dancing, awards, fun and frolics in the enduring city of Holberg.

Bookings open 8pm Thursday 29th September.
FB Event Page:

Cleanliness Is Next To Virtue
Febuary 25th, 3-5:30pm
Harrowgate Turkish Baths
Cost: In the region of £30

The events setting while be in a Highguard Bath house - it will be a purely social larp event set in the world of Profound Decisions Empire game.

The event is currently intended to run on Febuary the 25h (Saturday) between 3 and 5.30 at Harrowgate Turkish Baths.

See for details.

Cost is expected to be in the region of £30.

There are 40 places - which are reserved for Highguard players in the first instance. Details of how to book will follow and more details will be released as they become available.

A Grand Reopening
December 3rd 2016, 12:30-17:00
Charlton House, London, SE7 8RE
Cost: £25
Bookings open Saturday 1st October at 20.00

"It has been a long a trying year for us all, our most beloved city of Sarvos has been sacked and burned, but still we stand strong. And now it is time to rebuild.

The Casa di Dolcezza will be reopening it’s doors soon and to celebrate we wish to gather the great and the good of the Empire in a show of vigilance.

So please join us for an afternoon of fine company, music and dancing at our premises on Silk Slipper Street. See and be seen with the finest citizens of the Empire and show your prosperity as we raise funds for the continued rebuilding of the Jewel of the Empire.

All are more than welcome to attend.

Sweetness in all things."
FB Event:

**The Twilight Mirror
Saturday, April 8, 2017, 4 PM - 10 PM
Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW, Bristol
Ticket Price £30 including dinner
The Spire of the Auric Horizon once again opens its doors to the great and the good of the Empire several weeks before the Winter Solstice. All are invited to attend an evening of food, culture, discussion and magic under an auspicious alignment of the heavens – a conjunction of the recently returned Phoenix.

With a potent enchantment of inspiration and creativity laid upon the whole Empire by Urizen’s magicians, the Auric Horizon welcome attendees to display their arete in art and culture in a series of competitions. Those of a musical or theatrical bent are invited to use the hall’s stage to entertain all present. The astronomantic designs of the ancient Spire are expected to draw in potent energies from the conjunction of the Phoenix during the evening, particularly the moments when day passes fully to night, and visitors of the twilight Realms may well grace the hall with their presence.

With the forthcoming Symposium at Anvil, the Spire will again be scouring its library to present religious texts and collected works on the life and prophecies of Abraxus to attendees, and all scholars of religion are encouraged to bring their own works and collections for discussion. Debate and considerations of the military, political and diplomatic situations that beset the Empire are also welcomed, and invitations are being sent to the growing number of foreign delegations housed in Urizen.

There is also rumour that, following unfortunate accidental damage to the main salon at the House of the Seven Mirrors that have rendered it currently unsuitable for hosting, there may be an Hour of Seven Mirrors held within the Spire for those who desire to participate under those rules of political discussion.

There is, however, one small wrinkle in the evening’s plans. The empty, starless nights that have spread across Urizen are causing a certain amount of upset throughout a nation that lives so close to the vast expanse of the skies. No-one is entirely sure what will come to pass when night turns to day and the Phoenix comes into alignment – only to disappear into the empty dark…

OOC Notes:
The Twilight Mirror is a non-combat, primarily social roleplaying event in the Empire setting, held in the Spire of the Auric Horizon in Morrow, Urizen.

Initial booking for Urizen and specific invitees will begin on Wednesday October 26th, followed by open booking for all players on Thursday October 27th.

Saturday Smackdown!
Saturday October 22nd noonish
No man’s land common St Albans

Sponsored by General “Flowers” Farstrider and hosted by House Balston’s Badger Boys! Come get your fight on and talk shop Saturday, Oct 22nd around noon-ish at Nomansland common in St Albans. We will doing hardskill fighting as well as going over drills and different war game scenarios! If the weather is crap I vote we go to the pub! Meeting point is the car park and the fighting area is just down from there. Feel free to PM me (Rachel Westra on FB) if you want more details.
Please note this is not an IC Player Event, this is just a group of people wanting to practice and offer the opportunity for others to join in the fun

FB Event Page:

No Return
Friday April 14th 5pm to Monday April 17th 1am 2017
Alfrey Activity Centre CV7 7HR
Ticket Price £75 including food and bunk (if booked before January 2017)

The people of Navarr have heard to reply from the steading of Return in Therunin since before the Autumn festival. A request has been asked that a group go to investigate the steading and rectify what has stopped them contacting the rest of the nation.


Booking Link: … Q/viewform

Hospital Open Day
Saturday, 7 January 2017 at 11:30–22:00
York Medical Society 23 Stonegate, YO1 8AW York
Cost TBC but <£20.

60 player spaces, no crew, although if you have an idea you’d like to NPC then please let me know.
Everyone is very welcome. You don’t need any connection with the Anvil Hospital, and your character certainly doesn’t need to be a physick or chirurgeon - IC this is an outreach event aimed at all Citizens, and will contain things to do and people to talk to for everyone.
Social event, I’m not planning to run plot, though I’m open to suggestions from people who might.
Booking opens 8pm Sunday 9th October.

Full details at:

Feb 24-26th 2017
Candleston Campsite, Swansea
£60 overall, with a £20 deposit and a £5 reduction if you’re fully paid up by the end of December.

The border of Brocéliande and the Barrens is a treacherous place, and fifteen years ago a Steading slowly trying to keep back the tide of the Vallorn was found burned to the ground.

Ashwood, the Striding that came out of the embers, is asking for help in finding out what happened to them, in the hope that the terrible things that have been following behind can finally be put to rest.

FB Event Page:

Have updated the details for The Twlight Mirror event

Friday Feb 3rd - Sunday Feb 5th
Alfrey Scout Camp (
Cost: TBC
40 Places and Catered

The Empress Lisbetta’s 1st Reserve Field Hospital finds itself massively understaffed mere days before their attached forces are due to engage the enemy. They are in dire need of skilled healers to support the troops.
The civil service has done what it can to bring this to the attention of any and all who might be able to help.

======= THE GAME =========

This is a game all about healing.
You the players will be staffing a field hospital near the front lines of one of the major battles as its soldiers engage the enemy. You will need to handle the influx of patients in a series of highly demanding scenarios, deciding who to treat and how to treat them.
Expect unusual traumatic wounds.
Expect demanding and conflicting patients.
Expect infection, poison, confusion and amputation.
Expect hard choices.
Expect to get messy!

======= TRIGGER WARNING =========

This is not a social event. While it will be low combat expect it to be as chaotic as a battlefield.
If you are uncomfortable with:

  • Graphic depictions of wounds
  • Suffering and death
  • High Stress situations where people are likely to yell
    Then this may not be the event for you.

Info and Bookings:
FB Group:

A Song Before Battle
March 3, 2017 – March 5, 2017
Featherstone Castle
Cost: £75

In a moment of respite between the battles and sprawling conflicts sweeping the fringes of the Empire ,invitations are sent and messengers are tasked with seeking out the beloved of the hosts and their nation.

As once again House De Rondell and House De Courdefer host a party between the seasons for the people of Dawn and their Allies.

The party will be in Astolat and is open to all of the people of Dawn and those they choose to invite as their guests.

OOC Details:

Booking opens 19:00 31/10/16
This is a Fully catered event with indoor sleeping IC time in is beginning on the Friday night and carrying on until time out on the Saturday. Sunday will simply be ooc eating and packing up.
Ticket Price £75 per person.
March 3rd-5th 2017
To book Please send the following details via email
Character Name:
OOC Name: (Will not be shown online anywwhere)
Emergency contact details:
Dietary Preferences or Intolerances:
Payment by paypal to

Hrafnar Mid Winter Celebrations
Venue - Highbury Hall, Birmingham
Date - 11th February, 2017
Time - 16:00 → 00:30 (bar closes at 00:00)
Cost - £30

As the Winter Nights draw near, Thanmir Hrafnar, White Raven, Ambassador and Trade envoy to the Sarcophan Delves, does bid welcome citizens of note from around the Empire to the warm halls of Hrafn Hold in Skogei, Skarsind for a chance to socialise, eat and definiately not do anything related to the Business of the Empire

Event is technically open too all, so feel free to add others to the group but the RSVP’s will be vetted based on Thanmirs IC priorities if space becomes an issue.

Beef Stew + Dumplings
Veg/Vegan Stew + Dumplings (GF option available)
Apple Crumble + Custurd (GF option available) - Booking link … sp=sharing - Guest List
FB Event:

Midwinter - Vor Azi Player Event
March 10-12th 2017
St Briavels Castle
Price is £75

Varushkan Player event set in the Grimhold Fortress.
As winter draws in, Boyar Vasiliy Krenyenkov Valeskai Strascovich invites you to Vor’Azi’s ancient home. As simultaneously one of the oldest, and newest fortresses in the Empire, the Grimhold is a shining example of imperial might, built on ancient Varushkan foundations. With such a gathering it is almost certain that the spirits of Varushka will not let such an event go unnoticed.

Event will run from Friday night to Saturday night. Access to site is from 5pm Friday and out of rooms by 10am Sunday.

Payment (Include your name) to 07-01-16 07300298
Or PayPal (

The event will be plotted, but everyone is encouraged to bring games/stories and entertainment along.

The event is catered with the following:
Saturday Breakfast
Saturday Evening Meal
Sunday Breakfast.
If we can fit in Saturday Lunch then we will and let you know closer to the event.

The site has a bar, so sadly please do not bring your own alcohol.

FB Event -