Player events?

As the topic suggests, this is a question. Is there any planned Wintermark specific Player events planned? Or are you thinking of one.

If there isn’t any what would people think would be cool to see at a Wintermark Player event?

There is a facebook group at

It has gone a bit quiet recently though.

There will be a player event, so far the plan is to have it in January or February 2014.
The idea is, to have the traditional Wintermark Midwinter Feast in a hall somewhere, everyone in the nation is invited plus friends (there will be some sort of vote, which nations / groups / individuals are our friends. I guess the Orcs will definitely be invited, right?). This event is mostly about socialising. My idea was, to have an oc social evening on Friday, some sort of IC fun stuff Saturday daytime - competitions like archery or maybe something along the lines of Highland games? - and then a big feast in the evening.

The FB group was very active for a few days,then it went veeeery quiet. :smiley:
I’m planning to assemble all the info about possible locations in a comparable sheet and then go hunting for venues in the next few weeks. Help and ideas are welcome.