Player Support Information E3 2017

Hey hey,

This is the bit where I spam all the Empire groups just before the event.

This event we have more new players than ever before (How cool is is that!) and then some more again. Meaning that we’re doing some things slightly differently this event.

On Thursday a selection of the New Player Team will be hanging out in the Senate ( this is the solid structure building on the in character field which isn’t the bar - go to the bar and get a drink and come over!) from about 8pm for an informal chat. If you’re around and at a loose end feel free to come in and join us

On Friday we will be running two New Player Meetings, both in the Hub (big white tent, hopefully labelled The Hub on the left of the main road through the field if you walk down hill from GOD), one will be at 12 and one at 4pm. These are by no means compulsory but are a chance to meet other new players, egregores, ask questions and listen to me drone on a bit. We also will have our awesome player packs again (Thanks Gary Longford and the Library!)

Also on Friday the beautiful Charlie Bretherick (also a Highguard egregore - but no one’s perfect!) will be staffing a help desk in GOD between 12 and 2. She’s there to answer questions, help with character creation and stuff like that.

After that we’re around to help all weekend. Egregores will be in your camps most of the time. They are there to support you! Take advantage of that! If you have problems please go to them, if you’re looking for stuff to get involved in, they’re your people! I’m also around and happy to chat at any time - egregores can radio me and GOD can get me for you too.

In the unlikely event that everything is rubbish and you hate LRP, please give us a shout and let us try and fix things for you. We all really want you to have a good time. If you’re suffering for any reason let someone know!

I look forward to meeting you all in the field.

Player Support