Player Support Schedule for E3

Hey there,

As usual the Player Support Team will be running a series of support sessions on Friday before time in. With the exception of the New Player Skirmish these are open to all players and crew.

On Thursday evening from 8 the egregores, me and anyone else I can rope in will be in or outside the Senate building for an informal meet and chat type thing. If you’re onsite and a little lost or just want to chat, feel free to come past and see us.

1pm – Skirmish Field - Combat Brief
1pm - Military Council Tent - Public Speaking Class
2pm – Hub – New Player Meeting
2pm – Hall of Worlds – Introduction to Apothecary
3pm - Skirmish Field - Archery brief
3pm – Skirmish Field – Combat Brief
3pm – Hall of Worlds – Introduction to the Synod
4pm – Skirmish Field – New Player Skirmish
4pm – Hall of Worlds – Introduction to Trading
5pm – Hub – New Player Meeting
5pm – Hall of Worlds – Introduction to Magic

Now, there might be changes to the timetable, and if there are I’m really sorry, but as a team Player Support try to let everyone know as soon as possible. Posts will be made here and in God if anything changes.

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