Player Support Team E4 2017

Evening All,

It’s almost event time, which means it’s time or me to make my pre event post!

As always the Player Support Team will be available to help you enjoy the event.

We’ll be in the Senate building from 8pm Thursday night, this is a completely informal non compulsary thing. It’s a chance for new or existing players to come and see us, ask questions, have a chat. I’ll be there with some of the egregores and anyone alse who’s onsite and lookiing useful!

We’re also running two New Player Meetings. Both on Friday, one at 12 and one at 4. These will both be held in The Hub (this is a big white tent full of notice boards right in the middle of the IC (In character) field - iit should have signs on it!). In this meeting we give a brief overview of the game and field and answer questions. All the egregores who are onsite are at these meetings and we usually have a ref or two. Again these meetings are not compulsary, we run them to try and make starting LRP easier for you.

An introduction to LRP combat will also be running. This will be after the 12 meeting at again at 5 meeting at the Hub.

Each nation has at least one egregore, these are NPCs (Non Player Characters) who are members of PD staff and the Player Support Team. They are radio contacts in camp and there to help you get involved in the game. Please go to them, they can help you meet people, get involved in plot and shennanigans and if you have any problems help or point you in the right direction to get help.

I’m also available to chat and help at any time over the weekend. I’m on the end of the egregores radios or you can get GOD (Games Operation Desk) to radio me.

That’s it from me for now.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the field!