Player Support Team Update E4 2016

And here’s a word from Clare our benevolent matriarch of player support :slight_smile:


It’s that time.

I’m Clare from the Player Support Team and just wanted to post about support at the event.

First the New Player Meeting will take place in the Hub at 4pm on Friday. The Hub is a big stripey red and white tent near the middle of the field. In this we talk about the game in general, give a brief (ish) summary of the current situation in the world and answer questions. If you aren’t a new player but fancy coming along please do. Most Egregores are there and there’s plenty of time after for chatting.

In every nation there is one or more Egregore. They’re members of PD staff. They’re there for you! To support you in getting involved, finding things to poke, meeting people, generally being nice and giving advice. I’m on the other end of their radios and happy to come and chat about anything any time.

There’s also a number of people who are PD volunteers who are in the Three Refrains, these are imperial based not national so you may find them anywhere. They are like the Egregores but more about lore and culture. Give them a shout if you’re looking for ways to investigate things. They’re also performers, dancers, storytellers and singers who travel the land, hearing all sorts of rumours and interesting tidbits which they often weave into their performances.

Mostly the team exists to help you have an excellent event. Please feel free to come to us and let us help you at any time. If anything isn’t fun or you have problems, please come to us, often we can help even if it doesn’t seem very likely!

I look forward to seeing you all at the weekend.