Playing Cards

Are standard playing cards not allowed to be used as an IC accessory?

I’d go for something interesting and different, preferably an old and battered deck with some character to it…

There was a kickstarter for a set of Empire Cards, but lacking those…

The PCs are expected to be literate and numerate. Gambling exists, printing exists, Kings, Queens, and Princes have existed (Mostly in Dawn).

No real reason why you couldn’t have a deck or cards. I suspect there’s a good few in use at many events, especially in the pubs and bars.


I mentioned bringing some and someone said I wouldnt be allowed so I just thought id double check is all.

Standard playing cards are fine. There’s certainly no rules against them.


I bring a pack with me in case I ever get a quiet moment (I don’t) and I’ve also produced and sold a pamphlet of IC Varushkan card games that assumes a standard pack of 52.

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How did bringing the playing cards work out for you if I may ask?

I generally just forget I’m carrying them. I never have occasion to use them.

Id be interested in doing some poker for rings, if there’s interest?

I suspect you’d find a game or three, I know there are some places that do IC games, so I imagine there’s room for more… You may even end up with some higher stakes than rings :slight_smile:

I was looking at ordering this deck of playing cards, I like the design

A bit too much oriental maybe but I feel passable at empire? At the very least far more passable then your normal deck of cards I’d hope.

Now, gambling is a lot more up my alley ^^ Are there any places that specifically deal with poker? I do hope cheating wouldn’t be something they’d be up to there though, I’m sure there’s plenty of artists/performers that are good with sleight of hand that attend empire…

Dragons are cool, and they’ll turn up in decorations everywhere. Go for it. Certainly characterful.

I’m afraid I don’t know where you’d get a game of poker at Empire… you might want to start in the League?

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I think bars might be an idea in general, also I might be able to get a tournament going if I put my back to it ^^

They are fine. Cards are cards.
Lorenzo sells a set - The suits are Illium, Mithril, Wierwood and White Granite, and the J-Q-K are other leaguers and the Jokers are ‘Master of the Mint’ cards. There are also a few game rule attached.

If he is sat outside the Butchers Bank, Usually He’s happy to play a game or two.