Playing Characters from Foreign Nations

I was reading up on the foreign nations around the Empire and I was wondering how that works in play. If you are from a distant land, does that mean you don’t choose an imperial nation at character creation, and do you necessarily need to know similar languages to the foreign nation in questions?

So the rules say that you must start as an imperial : " Your character may have travelled across the Empire and it is even possible to have been a foreigner who has taken citizenship in the Empire, but whatever your background you must begin play as an Imperial citizen who is a member of one of the nine nations or is an Imperial Orc."


As said above, all PC’s must be imperials and while some contact with foreign nations is fine in backstory PD don’t greatly encourage it, they won’t send you extra details on things for example. This coupled with the Egregore bond pushing you to conform to your imperial nation means it is very much a background thing.

As for languages, yes if you wish to claim to be have spent a decent amount of time in a place it isn’t a bad idea to be able to speak in one of the languages used to phys rep the foreign tongues.


Ok, thanks for the clarification.