Playing IC Expats

So I played in Navarr last year but have been thinking of retiring my character and rolling up another one.

In particular I liked the idea of playing a former Asavean slave who has joined the Empire (probably Brass Coast). Is this a viable concept?

Are there any restrictions on or things I should know about playing a character from a foreign nation? I don’t speak any Romance languages (the stated physreps for the Asavean dialects) is that going to be a problem for me?

Basically looking for any and all received wisdom I can find about playing a foreigner in Empire.


“You cannot play a character who was raised in that state unless you are a fluent speaker of one of the listed languages. If you are fluent then you can choose to either play a native of that land or to play an Imperial citizen who has learned to speak the language fluently.”

So, you can’t play an former Asavean without speaking French, Italian, Spanish, etc.

You can, however, play someone formerly from Faraden, the Iron Confederacy, and possibly Axos (there’s probably enough info available to reliably create a character from Axos). These nearby foreign nations all speak Imperial.

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