Pledge Awards and Masquerade Ball

The Pledge would like to invite their friends in The League and across the Empire to join them at a grand soirée.

Guillermo de Tassato, Master of the Imperial Mint, has most graciously opened his private apartments to one and all, providing a stunning backdrop to the festivities.

Marvel at the wealth and beauty on display as Prince Jonah Yakovitch throws this most lavish gala for the great and the good of the Empire.

Outshine the crowd at the grand Masquerade, with dances led by the greatest dance master of The League and the students of his school. Masks expected for the Ball.

Seize the chance to admire the Pledge’s collection of wondrous artefacts and relics, a treasure trove in the truest sense.

Delight in the diversions of plays, musicians, magicians and more.

Be here at the first annual Pledge award ceremony, recognising the deeds of the worthy throughout the Empire.

Revel in an evening of dancing, merriment, food and wine, in the true Mestra style.