Pocket watches?

If I’m reading the wiki correctly, they’re a bit late period-wise - even for the League

It’s a shame though. It would be really useful to be able to ensure that you arrived at the Sentinel Gate before the rest of your the unit left

Are they officially a no-no?

A pocket watch is less jarring than a phone or modern watch, so having one is arguably preferable to just using those modern implements, but I would avoid openly displaying a pocket watch or making particular reference to it IC. Discreet timepieces are ideal I think, either that or big antique-style clocks, but the latter are far less portable…

We use (and sell OC) small pendant watches that don’t look like watches. They’re very useful for making sure you don’t miss scheduled events, but also useful for timing things like healing without having to keep count. :slight_smile:

I don’t think they’re particularly jarring because they just look like jewellery. I feel it’s way more jarring to have to go hunting about for a timepiece, or someone else with one, than to just take a discreet peek.

I avoid pendant/pocket watches entirely as I find them a little breaking; instead I use flip ring watches that just look like gaudy gem ring~ Still got a few left over if you are in need of one

What we really want is a bell in one of the Senate towers, thats set up to ring the hours… :smiley:

The same way that old faceless medieval clocks used to work.
(switch it off in the wee hours though…)

I the orphans should be sent about the field to form an Urchins Guild; given them the time, make them charge people a to tell it, or deliver messages… give them an IC map to direct people around or escort them

Teach children the important virtues of gouging people for their money for services from an early age

Ah a suggestion that is expensive and inaccurate all in the same package, only the League can be that efficient… :wink:

(with apologies to Londo Mollari)

It’s to encourage competition, each child will be given a different time and at the end of the day we will collect their payment; whoever convinced the most people that their time was correct will receive 10% of the pot!

This reminds me of a Goon Show sketch…


I purchased a pendant watch from the tavern auction and it has proved invaluable. I apologise if it’s slightly jarring but no one has objected thus far

I emailed this in because I was going to buy a clock to hang up in the Marches. I got the following replies:

[quote]There are clocks in Empire. A central clock tower would be marvelous, and I believe it’s on the list, however we’ve still got alot of behind the scenes infrastructure that has to come first for now. Please note that that’s not the same thing as saying that wristwatches are in the setting, as they are not.

Pocket watches are fine. No wristwatches though please.

This happily saves a lot of faffing around squinting at the length of shadows and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:. I find basic pocketwatches less jarring than people shuffling to hide their mobile phone and check it.

We have a large outdoor clock hanging in our group tent. Came from Aldi or Lidl so not expensive, runs on an AA battery. Will probably try and hang it where others can see if the weather is ever kind for once.

There’s also one on the front of the senate.

Between those two and some estimation I find I’m getting pretty accurate at knowing what the time is without a personal timepiece.