Podcasts Oh My! (#3 Rules Updates)

Raff says: "So, we waffled on about rules for about an hour last night and you can hear the result here →

http://shoutengine.com/Empirepodcast/empire-podcast-rules-updates-33099 (and you can find the other two podcasts there as well)

Give it a listen, why not? Thanks again to all the people who suggested questions last night we answered some of them. Thanks also to @Ian Horne Cattes for prepping all the raw talking into a format human beings can also listen to.

I think we’re planning to do " why battles are cool" next - once the Boss gets round to sorting himself out a new headset - and then maybe economics after that. its a whole new world of empowering people to listen to walls of text instead of having to read them!"

Tell us what you think here and if there’s anything else you’d like to hear the team do a podcast on.