Pointed antlers

Hi so i play a changeling and the last two events i made my antlers both from paper mache, they both came out got and i like them but one thing always bothered me, getting the tips to look pointy, i dont know why but i had having round tips on my antlers so i was wondering if someone knows a way to get the sharp pointy look on their antlers. also i wont be using paper mache this time around as i want to try a new technique using plaster bandages. so if anyone knows a good method let me know.

Ironically, I could give a reasonable guide to making pointy Paper Mache, but I haven’t used Plaster Bandage since a single project in year 7 (over 10 years ago).

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Wow really, what’s the guide anyway?

To get points you simply need them to be a little bit thinner. If you get some papier mache and roll it up tightly into a cone, that should help you. If it seems to flimsy, try again and a core. Old chop sticks from a takeaway could work but you would need to cut them to size. They also may be a bit heavy for something so small. Straws may work a bit better. They can be flimsy but if you pack them with something, that should help them.

I’ve definitely seen people do similar things on youtube. I think some guy made some horns for a dragon. Maybe see what he did. You could also just look up papier mache horns on youtube.I think it would be a lot easier to understand it from a video then from explaining it on here.

I hope this helps.

thank you very much will definitely look them up

No problem, I hope you find what you need.

So I typically do Paper mache around a frame built out of Cereal Box, and masking tape (I’d particularity advise Weetabix, as it’s thin but really strong for the thickness.) I normally leave the inside of the frame hollow, but in terms of antlers I I’m not sure if adding something inside would help.

I typically end up relying a lot on bending the card and using copious amounts of masking tape to hold it, but aside from the join this is actually quite good at making the rounded effect (and the paper mache and gesso helps smooth it out.)

In terms of making the points, by creating a cone of cardboard or by taping together designs that end in points. This allows you to start paper mache on something that is a sharp point, you will want to use really small long strips when reinforcing these with paper mache, even so you will loose some of the pointedness but you can get something that is still reasonably pointed.

The other trick it to make the slightly curve at the point, this always makes things look slightly more pointed in my opinion.