Ports of Call: a chart of foreign ports and profit

Using information from the wiki, i have compiled a list of the yields from trading with the foreign ports with a fleet at level 1, 6 and 12 (pages at the bottom left of the document).

the total amout is an estimate of value in rings of the trade goods. this was derived from taking the production of a business (180R) and dividing the production of the other resources to yield an estimated ring value per good. THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE! ACTUAL VALUE OF GOODS MUST BE DETERMINED IN THE FIELD!

This does not take into effect the most recent Winds of fortune.

Thoughts, questions, suggestions?

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I’m just repeating this for emphasis.

Otherwise nice Excel doc Wraith

Well the winds of Trade aren’t out yet, and that tends to skew the numbers up and down by a bit.

Not to mention the fun of the Politics with Jarm, mean that Priests could skew over everyone not trading with Riga.

Also the cursed Grendel are inflicting a 1 rank penalty on fleets based round the Bay of Catazaar https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Talking_sailor

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these numbers are based on Autumn 381 trade winds. i actually made this before the new winds of fortune came out, i just had not posted it until now.

I’ll try to remember to update it after the next event.

Nice idea, done pretty clearly, but in quite a few cases, people will be out trading because of the specific ingots, not the final prices. Still, a handy guide, thank you :slight_smile:

Not a criticism, just if you are going to make a table, we might as well have all the other effects that are hitting ships in the same post. For people who might not think of looking at every WoF

im not entirely sure what you mean. if you mean the effects of the WoF on outputs i have already included the +2 ingots from Aseaven and the +1 mana for the principalities port (i dont remember which one)

there is also a -1 to all trading due to the Grendel

A fleet owner might be interested to know that the Synod could make either:
Trading to Jarm but not east Jarm
or Trading not to east Jarm
take place at a penalty.

Well only to anyone around the Bay of Catazaar, so just the vast majority of all players with Fleets :stuck_out_tongue:

I have updated the charts to reflect the events and decisions of the 381YE Winter solstice. Mainly the reduction in crystal mana production (-2) in the northern and southern principalities of Jarm ports.
I did not include the -1 rank inflicted by grendal pirates as this does not effect everyone. If it does effect your fleet, see this chart to determine the effect.

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Curse you you imperial heroes with your savy diplomacy, goodwill and harboring trust and good relations. Now i had to do the hard work of adding another port to the sheets! (:stuck_out_tongue:)

I’ve added the port of Robec (Iron Confederacy) to the graphs.
As an unlisted benefit, trade with the port of Rigia (Principalities of Jarm) would show support for the Magician-Prince Barbara Radz in moving to improve the condition of slaves in her eastern alliance in Jarm as detailed here.

Happy downtime!

Using the information here I have updated the sheets to reflect a
relative estimate of the income provided by the different ports.

Also, bless the magnificent do-gooders who foiled the Grendal privateers. Thanks to them i didnt have to go to the effort to reduce all the sheets down by a level. Oh and imperial traders can trade with minimal fear for their lives again, that too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame about Rigia though…

Do you guys want me to keep doing these? I am fine either way, i’m just making sure people are getting use out of my chart.