Post E2 2022 ++Preaching and Downtime++

Just a quick reminder that downtime closes tomorrow (Sunday) at midnight! If you have personal-resource related downtime choices, for example, you’ve got a narrowing window to get them in. If you haven’t already you can read about some of those choices, and the large scale effects that might influence your decisions, here: 384YE Summer Solstice interlude - Empire

That page includes some new rituals put into Imperial Lore by the conclave; some new Urizen Lore rituals; and a new magic item that artisans can learn to build, if you’re looking for something to spend experience points on.

This downtime is also the first time that congregation owners have the choice to “preach” and change their Virtue assembly. You don’t need to preach - the default option will see you staying in the virtue assembly that matches your dedication - but if you do preach you can change your membership to any one of the eight Virtue assemblies. You can read about how and why here: Making your mind up - Empire