Posting rules for steamers, podcasters and serialised audiovisual content

Afternoon, all!

This is a mod team update about some new rules we’re introducing for streaming, serialised videos, and podcast content.

In the last couple of years we’ve seen an exciting uptick in YouTube channels, Twitch streams and podcasts that relate to Empire. We love it! But we also had to think a bit about how this would work in terms of posting. We really want to hear all about the great discussions, songs and fun stuff you’ve created, but we also want to regulate the flow of updates so that the groups and forum aren’t full of repeat promo posts from multiple content creators several times a week/month.

The main takeaways are:

You can make one post per month, plus one extra in the week following each event (when we’re back to running events!) to promote your streamed content.
You can edit that post if you want to update any information in it, but please don’t deliberately bump your own post back to the top, as that defeats the point of the rules a bit.

Those are the big ones, along with the usual drill - ongoing streaming content posted in our spaces must conform to all our online and conduct guidelines, and must include material specifically about Empire.

You can read the full update on the wiki link below. We’ve included some links to streaming channels we really like too, so do give those a look! And if you run or have participated in a stream about Empire, why not comment a link and tell us about it?

As ever, if you’ve got any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us directly at