Potential Lost citizens

Hiya folks.

This is a difficult question to convey without sounding a little negative, but It is just a little thought I had in a moment, and I am looking forward to returning, but.

Nearly everyones life has gone through a bit of a change the past few years, you think that this exceptionally long dark will cause alot of people to leave larping, be it for any of many reasons.

Or do you think after all this time when we get the go ahead there will be a surge of new players?

P.s. just so I don’t sound too pessimistic, I think I’ve got to hire a van for the next event as I’ve bought/made way too much kit over this exceptionally long dark :sweat_smile:


I think like every hiatus things will have changed.

Several long term players have had babies which will have changed their priorities, some kids who came with their parents who really enjoyed the early stages will be teenagers now with other ideas, and some people will have just changed their world view and found some other enthusiasm.

On the other hand the number of people who have posted on here and on the FB groups saying they’re new and how do we do this larp thing and what do we need and look at all these cool ideas I have for my character are awesome for their enthusiasm so I figure it will all balance out.

Although I’m possibly needing a van to shift all the newly made stuff to the first event too…


I think you’ve got a surge of new players that was going strong back in 2020 and everyone new who’s heard about the game since. So I’m excited to see how that changes the dynamics of the nations and the game :slight_smile: . I just hope they don’t all decide to join Wintermark :rofl:.


Player numbers were going up before the lockdowns, irrespective of various demographic changes (children etc). Heck, given that the parents are likely desperate to get out of the house and see friends (children + lockdown effects), and that Empire is the most child-friendly LARP I know of, I suspect that won’t stop them.

And there have been all the new players ticking along as usual during the years, popping up on here and on FB… and maybe even a few more, as folks have time to research and dream and prepare…

So yeah, player surge.

I am expecting 3000 players this year.

PD will have to buy more loo blocks :stuck_out_tongue: