Potion physreps


As you may have seen on facebook, I’ve been putting Empire potion physreps together - trying to stick to the description as closely as possible. Just to save some confusion which did occur, these are made of resin and so will not spill or leak, and aren’t drinkable (they won’t even come out of the bottle). They’re labelled up, about an inch tall and (in my opinion) look pretty good.

If anyone has any specific orders they’d like to put in I’m hoping to have the materials for another load of them by the time next Empire rolls around, and have 81 of various types ready to go at the moment. Cost is £1 each, but can be brought down if you want to do a very large order.

Drop me a message if you have any questions or are interested. :smiley:

But are those real smarties on top ?

Afraid that they’re just wax, colour coded depending on the recipe set.