Potion Worth

How much is a sovereign specific worth?
edit: What about an Anondyne Analgesic?

Whatever you can persuade someone to buy it for

This is something you need to find out in play. Prices shouldn’t be discussed here.

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I think the price in anvil and a price beyond the sentinel gate could be quite different,
As can the price to your mates and your rivals,
As can one nation or another.
The only thing that is acceptable to be priced are trinkets and beer I think (and even then we are stretching it).

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Before asking any more questions about money, worth, value or any other topic, please take an hour to listen to the Empire podcast on Economics.

In Economics, Part 1, there is a long discussion of why questions like the last few you have posted don’t fit within the Empire world.

This is not intended as a request for you to stop posting or asking questions, we are here to help, but hopefully the discussion will help you understand why we can’t answer the questions you have been asking recently.



Thank You!

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Without getting into uptime specifics:

  • All of the following info is on the public wiki.
  • A Farm gives 9 Crowns (180 rings).
  • A Herb Garden gives 14 Herbs
  • As a baseline figure, you may expect a herb to be worth about 13 Rings.
  • Economic conditions on the field will alter this.
  • Apothecaries have no limit on how many potions they can make a day.
  • That means you would not expect the labour cost for each potion to be a major proportion of its price, as you can usually find a lower bidder and buy a job lot.
  • Assuming no other pressures, a low-end cost is going to be 26 Rings plus the price of a few minutes’ labour.

I think that gives a reasonable balance between expecting PCs to start out naive on prices despite being businesspeople, and giving away any IC information.

You can apply this same formula to get a rough price for “am I being totally screwed over on this deal” for any other IC item, by inserting the fact you get 7 Mana crystals or 10 crafting resources from a Personal Resource, and that the price of Liao in Downtime is currently 18 Rings.