Potions that boost ceremony strength

  1. If I drink a ritual boosting potion like Venal Balm, does this (a) boost my lore by 1, so I still need to spend a mana crystal to get the benefit, or does it (b) boost the ritual without the extra crystal? If (b), how does it interact with mastery?

  2. If I drink an Usher’s Dedoction, do I need to spend a liao to get the extra strength?
    If (b), in a rather edge case, if I’m somehow left with an Usher’s Dedoction and no liao, can I drink the Usher’s to boost a “strength 0” ceremony to 1 and do it?

  1. a. It boosts your lore. You may now spend one extra mana crystal,

  2. Usher’s decoction et al boost the effect directly. You do not need to spend an additional liao.

My personal view is that to perform a ceremony, you have to consume one liao. So you can’t use Usher’s to do a ceremony without any liao to hand.