Pre event panic thread pt XVII

Here we are again almost one week away from the last Empire of the year, what do you still have to do before the event? A whole costume from scratch? Multiple leaflets to write and typeset? All the art, all of it? Or just wash and pack all your crap? Come join us where everyone will understand and while we might judge, we won’t do it to your face :slight_smile: .


Everything. mostly stuff for broken wheel like posters and such but still… so much to do

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I need to make some fancy physreps which I’ve had nearly 2 months to make… and wait patiently to be able to complete some paperwork!

Whole costume from scratch for someone else.

Adding Stuff to my new hat

I’ve got another larp this weekend, still panicking for that first!

Panicking for Empire starts Monday.

I have some woodwork to do. At the moment I cannot for the life of be brain the angles in three dimensions (2D I can do, but essentially attempting to twist the stand legs from one plane to another, while also being at an angle, is just too much).

Otherwise, kit is packed, planning is mostly done. I think. Who am I? What week is it?

Warskirt not finished. Parts arriving Monday. Book of insults part printed.


I have two short letters to write, print my tattoos out, do a running repair on the tassels on my sash, clean and polish my boots and oh yeah pack :slight_smile:.