Prep thread!

What do you have on your E2 prep list?

I need to:

  • shorten my new tabard, as apparently even the smallest size is designed for people much taller than me
  • decide if I need to shorten my trousers as well (because: Anvil)
  • finish re-hemming the coat that a friend lent me last event
  • write up my character’s notes from Severin’s speech
  • write up the Anointing and Hallowing descriptions
  • do a battle kit test and see how I’m going to carry all my stuff without it interfering with my bow

Over a week to go. I’ve got this… right?


You’ve got this!

I need to:

  • Finish partner’s shiny new cote (stretch goal: self-fabric and gold braiding on collar and cuffs)
  • Run up a linen kirtle for me
  • Fashion some sort of wand sheath
  • Make a bag for [REDACTED]
  • Wash the chair covers