Preparing an Arcane Projection

(Hopefully this will just help things run smoothly)

To save time sat in God occupying a PC, will it be ok to stick the blurb for rituals we want to submit on a flashdrive to copy across, instead of typing it all up in the field?

Heya, I’m part of PD’s IT team.

We guarantee keyboard, monitor, mouse and network. Ability to read USB drives is something that’ll probably work, but the hardware is quite old, the machines are quite locked down, and computers in a muddy field tend to be flakey. Beyond that, sure you can bring a USB drive with your APs on and paste them in.

However, if you do have them now, and have the 10 mana in your inventory to buy them, I’d recommend doing it on the website now - it’ll be up until Tuesdayish, when PD leave for site. If you’ve got the ability and the funds, the option’ll appear on your character page where your Downtime usually is.

Cheers - have rather more ideas than I have mana available (or indeed than there is mana :stuck_out_tongue: ) so will chance it on a usb.

Just in case the rules changes didn’t make it clear enough, the intent of the spontaneous magic system is to enable people to cast magical effects that aren’t in lore.

It is not designed to explore the space of possibility, or to get a costing for random ideas.

If you’re not seriously planning to cast it, please don’t AP it.

SO gutted I don’t have mana put away :frowning:

I like the way these have gone btw, I was concerned we may loose these and it’s the best part of my game by miles!

Snake statue still makes me giggle…

Don’t worry - any I put on there will be with the intent to cast ASAP :slight_smile: It just seems better all round for me to have a ‘toolbox/scratchpad’ of ideas to copy from rather than taking up valuable PC/roleplay time doing it from scratch in the field.