Prepping for festivities - Event 1, 2015

Hello everyone,

The first event is just over five weeks away, so let’s talk prepping for festivities.

Venue for festivities.

Event 1, The Winter Solstice, is likely to be cold in the evening. And it’s April - a month known for its showers. These are not great conditions for both musical instruments and voices. All the same, it would be great to continue the Songs and Stories nights of previous events.

So, a large sheltered venue for shared cultural activities would be very helpful. If anyone is able to provide, if only for this event, then I would be very grateful.

Otherwise, we will be at the beck and call of the elements, which is fine for me because I’ll just take myself of to other camps for “cultural exchanges” in their lovely warm taverns.

OOC practice session - 3pm Friday.

I will be onsite all day Friday. At 3pm on Friday, I’ll be holding a practice session where you are cordially invited to try out your new stuff and get some support. We will also look at drumming.

This is of particular help if you have any audience participation stuff and could use a few people in the crowd who already know what to do.

Don’t worry if you can’t make 3pm. Feel free to come see me any time. Even if you want an OOC chat or prep after time in. We can go for a cup of tea and a practice somewhere quiet.

Building your repertoire.

Over the next five weeks, why not try to do just one of the following things:

  • Learn a new song to sing (or even filk or write your own).
  • Learn/write a story to tell.
  • Learn a drumming rhythm to share
  • Buy a drum, rattle or other percussion.

You can pick up a seed pod rattle for a couple of quid, a small hand drum for a fiver, or even splurge out on something fancy.

If you can’t find any songs you think are suitable, here’s a YouTube playlist of songs not yet done in the field. Let me know if you want to take any of these on. Most need lyrics changed. Many are non-english, so you could try lifting the tune and write your own lyric entirely. … fmJMSaMgzN

If even only half-a-dozen of us bring something new to the next event, then it will keep our festivities feeling fresh.

Thanks for reading,

Jamie Wakefield
Officially the second-best larp bard in the UK. :smiley:

I’ll definitely try to be at the 3pm thing. I’d like to get the hang of basic drumming.