Preventing a Curse

I’ve heard on the grape vine that if you are afflicted with weakness you may not deliver a Proclamation of Doom.

Is there any truth to this? and are there any other ways to stop one?


Ah but that then leaves The Proclaimer who may not bother to walk 5 hundred miles and then just curse the nearest shlub out of panic from receiving the back lash.

I would e-mail rules@pd to get a clarification, because the wiki is not explicit either way.

Yea I shall have to I think.

Please do pop the answer you get back up on here as I am intrigued to know the answer to that one :slight_smile:.

I emailed PD that one last year … no reply.
I’ve been meaning to re send but now I can be lazy instead :slight_smile:

Cleave also works… they cannot deliver the Proclamation of Doom while incapacitated.

Technically it’s a Pronouncement of Doom, incidentally. (In case anyone else has trouble finding it on the wiki via search)

Does it say that in the rules anywhere? :wink:

Hmm, you may have me there.
I was going on a general feeling that one had to be able to cast (i.e. not in heavy armour, incapacitated or weakened) but the rules on curses do not explicitly state that.

As written, they could be in heavy armour, Weakened and, indeed, Terminal but able to deliver a Pronouncement of Doom so long as the target remains within touching distance during the appropriate roleplaying.

For myself, I was expecting kickback from the Legal perspective: Cursing people is legal, whereas Cleaving them is not…

Certainly I’ve never come across the rule, although I’ve never been in a situation where it’s mattered, either.

However, the effect of WEAKNESS says this: “The weakness condition prevents the target from using any heroic skills, utilizing any enchantments, using any mana or activating any magic items that are not “always on”.”

There’s nothing that says it stops you performing the appropriate roleplaying to deliver a pronouncement of doom, so my reading currently is that it wouldn’t. There’s nothing on … oleplaying that says you are prevented from performing appropriate roleplaying in any circumstance. Hell, even Dying just says “You must not take any action other than talking or screaming” which looks like it could go either way in terms of delivering a Pronouncement of Doom - you just have to “be close enough to touch the target and audibly curse them using appropriate roleplaying”.

In summary, the way to avoid pronouncements of doom is to always be nice to magicians :wink:

The wording suggests it is possible but, unless I am missing something, it would still be a very narrow window of opportunity as the ‘deliverer’ has to have been part of the ritual and only has 15 minutes to discharge the curse. Someone afflicted with weakness can’t participate in the ritual so would have to pick up the weakness effect after completion (same goes for any other debilitating condition) so I can’t see this coming up very often…

But it’s crucial if, say, you are a battlemage and you want to stop someone cursing you and you hit them with a WEAKNESS; it’s a lot more fun if everyone knows what the outcome should be rather than the inevitable ref query to desk, etc.

FWIW I think “deliver a pronouncement of doom” might count as “using an enchantment” - I’m more worried that you didn’t get a reply to this. Please send the e-mail again and then we can get the answeer added to the Curse page.

I’m iffy about this, given that being the bearer of a pronouncement isn’t an enchantment, and doesn’t knock off existing enchantments or whatever.

I’d be fine if Weakness stopped you delivering one, just not on this basis!

Speaking of appropriate roleplay, does Weakness stop you performing liao ceremonies?

Given the written definition of weakness above I would think that you could still utilise Liao while weakened. Partly because there is already a specific effect to prevent the use of Liao, namely the rite of Excommunication.

If you can’t use mana, I’d want to check they didn’t mean Liao too. Liao is kinda like magic, really, just priest magic. From a RP perspective, if there was no ref around, I would have RPed that I could feed myself a potion and slowly stumble around but that was about it. My body simply couldn’t handle anything more complex.

But then, I feed myself Liao like I feed myself a potion, don’t I. Hmmm.

Has anyone emailed this one in since this thread began?

I have an answer.
Copied from the email I received:

A character afflicted by Weakness cannot deliver a Pronouncement of Doom. However, I think you would be hard pressed to cast Weakness on them quickly enough to prevent them from doing so.

As required by Pronouncement, there will be a ref on hand to adjucicate.



So this means you will probably struggle if you are the intended target. But as a bodyguard you could have the magic bit of time to get your licks in.