Pricing OC Goods

So I’ve made 750ml bottles of flavored mead. What do you think would be a reasonable price for them?

Maybe a crown or two? They are getting almost a litre of mead and it is also home made which I think makes it a bit more special than shop bought stuff. It is also how you sell it and who you sell it to. If you find a fairly captive audience you might be able to charge a bit more. You could write a song, go to the navarr song and story time and then use it to sell your alcohol. Doing that might help you charge a bit more or it might help you sell more of it. You could also do bulk buying like buy one, get one half price.

Given that 5 drinks of store-bought wine(12% ABV) would run 25 rings, a crown seems low.

As I said, it depends on who you sell it to. Unless someone has a lot of money and they are feeling generous, it would probably be hard to get a throne for it, simply because of the amount of money that represents. Maybe have a tiny cup for them to try for a few rings and then if they like it, they can pay the rest of the money to get the rest of the bottle? I think if people know it is good, they will pay more. The charge for the taster is to stop people going ‘ooo I want a bit’ and then just trying a bit before leaving. I’d probably pay less than most people when it comes to alcohol because I’m a bit of a miser, however I feel five crowns would make most people clutch their coin pouch and sober up a bit.


From other folks, slightly larger bottles easily go for over a throne. Worst case you can drop the price on Saturday night and still easily sell em once the bars and such start to run low.

Worse worse case you can cast Ephisis Scales on it and sell it to PD/ the crew. I bet they would pay well and appreciate it :grinning:

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If you’re buying your 5 drinks in an IC tavern, you’re also paying (as in real life) for the service, the shelter, the tables and chairs (and transport thereof)…

There are a fair number of characters on the field who can afford to throw around crowns or even thrones for alcohol. There are also a huge number who can’t, remembering that the ‘base’ income for a character is 18 rings.

Prices at Anvil are generally hugely inflated from what would be normal in the rest of the Empire - it can’t really be avoided, when players know they can make IC money with OC investment.

A couple of crowns a bottle seems like a good place to start. It’s up to you if you’re willing to haggle, but I’d recommend it, particularly at the start.


I’ve bought the 350ml bottles of Varushkan Spiced Honey Rum at 4 crowns a bottle. I suspect you could feasibly start at 2 or 3 crowns a bottle and check how demand goes?

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I’ve sold mine previously for 5 crowns a bottle and gotten some decent returns, you have to remember not everyone has the spending money though, I’d start off 4 or 5 crowns and then drop it accordingly.

You could also give it to a bar to sell and agree to collect what they sell as I’ve done previously.

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I sell my own flavoured gin at 4 crowns a bottle or 5 bottles for 2 thrones. There will be people who can’t afford those prices, but it’s not cheap to make and it’s a premium product that you can’t just go down to Sainsbury’s and buy. There is always a market for stuff and if you don’t sell all of it you can always bring it back at the next event. I brought 40 bottles last event and sold them all. Don’t undersell your product.

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Might sound harsh, but is there anything special about it?

There is a tonne of mead on the field, and probably 3/4s of all alcohol on the field is homebrewed. I guess you have to figure out it’s value to you vs. what someone will pay.

Many new brewers fail to sell anything because they over-value their product. We all know the effort and equipment that goes into brewing a drink from scratch, but ultimately it’s still something that was fermented in an airing cupboard.
As for ‘flavoured’ stuff, the effort involved is the fore-planning of putting a bag of skittles into a vodka bottle a couple of weeks before an event.
Another failure for ‘flavourors’ is using the cheapest stuff possible as a base. The person drinking it, isn’t simply drinking a strong booze+mixer where the bad flavours can be hidden by coke, they are drinking the tesco-value vodka with a hint of flavour, or Harvest Gold with Cherry flavouring in it - Never a nice experience!

A lot of this can be mitigated if your drink is truly unique, as you have what we call a USP (Unique Selling Point). As above, Hand-made/Homebrewed just isn’t all that unique on a Larp field

As for price - single drinks on the field are about 3-5 rings.
Mead is usually served in about a quarter pint (142ml) which is just over 5 drinks per 750ml bottle. So 15-25 Rings per bottle is about right.

The other repliers talking about ‘Thrones’ for a bottle that size - That’s likely to be a flavoured spirit, where there are many more drinks to be had from a single bottle.
A standard shot is 25ml, which means your bottle has around 30 shots - Which is 90-150 rings (1 throne is 160 rings). Bear in mind, you’ll probably be a bit more generous with pouring so you’ll probably only get 20 shots per bottle.

You want to try and sell it ALL by Saturday before dusk, or you are lugging that stuff home. Very few people drink on sunday, groups are busy de-tenting and lots of people are driving. Maybe sell directly to a bar - Although they’d not pay the per-drink price of it, as it would be pointless to them, but it gets it shifted quickly.


18 rings and at least half a throne of tradable resources…


Can confirm I will sell gin for artisan supplies

This is a good idea - not many people take the opportunity up for my honey rum, but we make it an option to pay in resources/mana, and some people are definitely grateful.


Don’t worry Triska, I’ll take the opportunity. Y’all are one of the 1st, if not THE 1st groups we visit at an event :slight_smile: