Pricing Portraits IC


I recently posted a painting of a character I’d done on the Facebook group, and garnered quite a bit of interest. For reference, it was a detailed acrylic portrait on an A3 canvas.

Ideally, I would like to take commissions IC when I can attend an event, and get payment in IC currency. It sounds like a fun roleplaying opportunity. Cost-wise, I had thought a Throne. However, an experienced Empire player friend said that, because of the work involved, plus the fact that a portrait is a serious status symbol (and most likely to be bought by people from nations that are naturally rich, like the League), that ten Thrones would be appropriate. However, I just saw a post that said that charging more than a crown for IC products is kind of frowned upon as a potential distortion of the economy.

Basically, I have no idea how to balance the sheer effort involved in painting a portrait with the fact that I want people to actually buy them. I’m not going to lie, it would be pretty fun IC if my paintings were only sold to the rich and famous. But is there any chance of that if I charge multiple Thrones?

charging more than a crown for IC products

what? if you are taking your time or your real life money into something then it is up to you how much to charge.

and I don’t think that it would bring any distortion of the economy unless you then didn’t use the item. the only real way to screw with the system is to take IC things out of play or if PD didn’t use there IC resource sink.

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Ooo, tricky.

On the one hand, a throne is about the income from a resource for a season. But to those people doing the large scale trading, it’s pocket change.

On the other hand, it’s a tangible and (hopefully) pretty token of a (hopefully) loved character, to endure after the character and indeed the game are over. So people should, OOC, want to buy them.

I’d go for a Throne, myself.

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What you can sell anything for depends mostly on who you are selling it to.

If you are taking commissions then sound that out with your purchaser at time of commission, as price will be dependant on size, detail etc.

I think I did see your example on FB, and multiple thrones is definitely a possibility, but then the chances of A3 size portraits is probably not so high, as that would mostly be something for home not really suitable for the field (Due to weather and delicate transport more than anything!)

I would suggest if it works for you to offer A5, or even miniatures at around the low multiple thrones mark as I suspect you will find more buyers at that price, and the results should be more suitable for being Prideful of in a field if you see what I mean.

Of course you could always put a commission slot in the public bourse auction (with a reserve) and see what you can get!

I’ve seen paintings go in auctions for up to 5-6 Thrones. You can totally charge more than a crown, I’ve sold a embroidered pouch for a Throne.

There are some rich characters in game who can cheerfully pay that sort of money for art to hang in their tents.

Oh also there are some art competitions out there which have prizes up to 10 Thrones.

Thanks for the replies, everyone! Sounds like putting one up for auction would be a good first move.

I would sell commission(s) at the public auction. It will give you the best return as someone will pay the most of what they think it is worth, and if you play up that this is a great Prosperity and Pride prestige piece you may facilitate a bidding war. Once you make a name for yourself you can get more for a “Benchman Original”

Plus, going to the auction and learning how it works will be a great focus for my first day! And “Varushkan painter hoping to make a name for himself at Anvil” is a nice character trait.

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