++Pride, Ambition, Prosperity++

Over the weekend, we attended the 10th annual UK Larp Awards, where we were delighted to receive awards for both Best Large LRP Game, and for Best Grass Roots - for bringing new players into the hobby.

We were even more pleased to see some of our friends being honoured, including Gary Smith who picked up a well-deserved award for Best Sanctioned Event for the incredible Nemesis 2, on behalf of himself, Chris Terry and Andrew Jackson.

A little closer to home, the amazing Kat Quatermass and Emma Round were both nominated for Crew Member of the Year. We were rooting for both of them and were delighted when Kat won.

Kat is an absolutely amazing plot writer who creates beautiful plots that capture the small details of the world of Empire in a way that engages everyone who encounters them. She’s been a stalwart of the hobby on and off for many years and we’re incredibly lucky to have her help to create Empire events.

Emma Round has crewed for PD in GOD and as an NPC before joining our plot team this year. In that time she’s created some fantastic plots from the diplomatic to the magical, while still NPCing when she can. Like Kat, she’s a fantastic member of the team and we’re so fortune that Empire can benefit from her enthusiasm and passion for the game.

It’s not just Kat and Emma though. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on a list of people who crewed events in 2019 and we’ve finally been able to upload that to the main wiki. We plan to make it an annual tradition of recognising the people without whom Empire would not be the success it is; the volunteers who give their time, enthusiasm, and hard work toward making our game one of the best in the country.

You can find the link here: http://bit.ly/Empire_Credits_2019

(The photo is by Tom Garnett and depicts our friendly and enthusiastic ref team)