Priest books

Hi does anyone know if there are any books being made fir priests of loyalty for anointing ect. I know they do them for mages.

Tony harvey

As far as I can tell, both magic and priest wiki sections have been bound into books by individual players. You could probably find someone who’s doing book-making and ask them to do you a custom one.


The ‘simple’ way to do this is to get a notebook of some type - I like moleskines, but paperblanks are pretty swish as well (for example) - and copy it out yourself. There’s only a dozen or so roleplaying effects per virtue, so that’s two a day from now until the event, with several extra days.

Someone has produced an IC pamphlet of Loyalty ceremonies in the past but I don’t know if she is still doing that now. Character is Lunetta di Sarvos of the League - will alert her to this via FB.

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IC: Brother Jared of the Suns of Couros Chapter, Highguard; Steward of the Dead, Magister of Winter, Cardinal of the Path of Loyalty

Hello! I’m Josée, Lunetta’s player.

I make priest primers that basically contain the wiki information in a nice IC format, though I have not brought any on field recently. If you would like one, I do individual books for each virtue, containing information on all the priest abilities and the specific hallowings/anointings etc. of that virtue for IC money (cost usually haggled on field). I can print a name/group etc. inside the front cover if wanted (usually charged slightly more for - again, cost arranged IC) or it can be left with a blank space for handwritten labelling instead.

Hope this helps?