Priest Titles

How are the priests of the Empire (and specifically the priests of Highguard) addressed?

Are they referred to as “Father Bob”, “Brother Bob”, “Bob the Priest”, etc?

Also, how are they addressed directly? “How are you doing…Your Grace/Father/Brother/etc”?

Or just none at all? Is Bob of Bastion just “you over there”?

Welcome to the priest game!

It depends what nation your in. Most if not all nations have a priest archetype that they are sometimes addressed by. A lot of times (in my limited experience) they are just referred by their name.
What nation are you? It might help


Thanks! I’ll be LARPing for the first time at E1 as a priest of Highguard.

I guess I’ll just be “X of Y Chapter” or “X, son Y” as a result of Highguard naming customs.

If I might ask, what archetype do you play as and how do others address you IC (apart from your name)?

In Highguard the general term for anyone is Brother / Sister / Sibling, if you don’t know (or can’t remember) their name.

A few people use the above as their title too, but in most cases you just use their name.

Most of the time anything additional to their name is mostly to specify which person with that name. Even my chapter of 10 has 2 Gideons, and there is an endless joke about Able in the Shattered Tower (at one point they had 4).


So, my character is Urizeni and follows slightly different naming conventions (Jaredus of Exile Spire)

I should also point out that Archetypes are entirely optional. In fact, my character’s archetype (Architect) never came up in my first event. Archetype is only a suggested guideline for how certain types of game (trader, healer, warrior, priest, ect) may look through the lense of a particular nation.

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I play a priest in Wintermark. Don’t get addressed as anything in particular. But I do often say I’m a Loyalty crow when introducing myself

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Hello fellow Highguard! There are no set titles for priests in Highguard. Most people use brother/sister/sibling.


Oh, yeah…
“Right, where’s Able of the Shattered Tower, I have a pile of angry pamphlets with his name on them”
“Hang on, which Able, they have two”
(Some ranting and religious debate later)
(One starts signing his Synod Judgements Able the Taller, presumably so the Conclave Bursar doesn’t get mistaken angry letters from turbulent priests)


thank you, I am now having flashbacks to looking for “Tom of Upwold” in the Marches and finding three of them.


And also so the Tribune of the Synod can actually figure out which one is the Quaymaster of the Black Sails…