Problem solved!

Since I can’t reply to posts in the Announcements section, I just wanted to put this to say thankyou for the update on events on the campaign map.

My biggest single issue with the Generals’/Military game was that before the event I would have no idea how a campaign was going (even if I was in it) until the first Military Council meeting, which means acting a bit confused and ill-informed when people ask the obvious question ‘so how’s the fight for Holberg going?’

Now I feel I can blagg something a lot more credible and buy myself some time until I have a full report. Cheers guys!

Thank you - and that explains why nobody ever replies to my Announcements :slight_smile:

If all goes well, there will be a report of similar “quality” before every event. Not proper DT reports, just general “how’s the war going?” stuff.

Thanks indeed, Andy… really hope this becomes a regular thing as beating this kind of general disposition info out of Generals is hard work. :smiley:

And thanks TimB for pointing this out… I missed this one.

Time to change your nation’s generals then.

It’s great to know this all before the event as it means that if there is an engagement where someone is roleplaying having been in downtime, they can incorporate that into their game at the event. For instance if my character was on the border to Reikos with the massing armies I’d want to know if the barbarians started to attack Casinea or not so I could decide if it was appropriate to turn up with injuries from fighting.

Battle reports were one of the coolest bits from Maelstrom so it would be awesome to get something like them in Empire. I wouldn’t expect them to have the same personal touch since there is no mechanical way for PCs to integrate into a battle but if we eventually get to include descriptions of Military Unit personal resources they might get some name-checking!

It’s a great way for everyone to be on the same page, and people can decide how much of the overall campaign their character hears about in downtime. Many thumbs up.

We’ll back these kind of announcements up with much more sober reports in the field, but as you say if we can keep this up it lets people know roughly what is going on on the macro-scale. We could just list where there have been fights, but then I wouldn’t get to refer to the “tides of war” every two paragraphs :wink:

The real trick is going to be finding enough pictures of battlefields.

i demand podcast versions of the reports… preferably starting “It was a year of war… and war; never changes!” read in a gravely voice!

omg yes please let’s

some Thule hack reporter "And the only survivor of this terrible atrocity is this childs toy…*