Protocols for IC camping

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction regarding IC camping.

As I’m bringing the youngest kids, it will be necessary to have a bit of a safe space for them to go to during the day if bored or over excited.

We’re thing of getting a 5m bell tent (to sleep five at night) and use during the day as mentioned.


Is a canvas bell tent appropriate to the setting?

Are players IC tents accessible as far as other players are concerned, or private? I. E. No entry without invitation?

Can I keep non IC items in the tent, if suitably out of view such as medicine, modern books, mobile phones, food/ drink etc

How do I notify PD that we want to camp IC… Is there a first come, first served system, or another process.

And finally

I’d like the IC sleeping tent to be with others in our house… who sorts that?

And really finally - because I just thought of this!

If we arrive on Thursday and pay the extra… will I be able to put up the IC tent in the IC area, or will i have to move it on Friday!



Yes, canvas bell tents are welcome. You can hardly run ten foot in Anvil without falling over them… or at least I can’t because Urizen always seems to end up crimped down to about 10ft square. :wink:

In terms of who sorts out these things… the first people to talk to are your group and whoever is organizing the IC camping area for your Nation. The former should be able to put you in contact with the latter.
There is generally enough room for everyone, even if not everyone gets equal access to the thoroughfare, but it’s well worth checking in with your point of contact to make sure they know you are coming. Your Group should then know to hold a place open next to them so you can all camp together.

If you get there Thursday, you can set up your IC tent in the IC field on Thursday. Groups like people who do that, as it helps them reserve prime IC real-estate before the rush on Friday. :wink:

In terms of keeping OC stuff in there… it is less clear. My wife and I keep an inner tent zipped up inside with out OC stuff in it and do a degree of set-dressing on the outer half so that we can store IC stuff and have discreet IC conversations in there.
While all such tents are in theory always IC, people do not generally wander into tents with closed doors. It’s rude from OC etiquette, not to mention the IC laws about theft and/or breaking and entering: the “Right of the Unwelcome visitor” allows you to invite someone to f-off from your personal tent and, should they refuse, the law says it’s okay to beat them up so long as they don’t die of it. (The law does not support them fighting back under those circumstances.)

Tl:dr - nobody should be going in your tent unless you invite them in, but good practice says that if you do plan to invite people in you make an effort to hide OC things.

You can definitely put the tent up on the Thursday if you arrive then.

I’m not quite so confident about the whole room for everyone (Dawn has the problem of being a growing nation, with a small nations allocation of field.) Still, having places for young people to rest are recognised as being important, so don’t worry too much about it.

Most of Dawn’s camp planning happens on facebook, but there are enough active members of the forum in Dawn, that if you stuck a message about it in the Dawn section of the forums, we would make sure that Freya gets the information (even if she can’t remember her login.) As long as our camp planner is made aware of your house she will try to make sure you are grouped with them, and she is skilled in the art of tent tetris.

As for OOC items, as long as you keep them out of immediate view, and turn of mobile phones, you are unlike to run into any complaints.

Thanks to both!

The ooc stuff will be things like medication, turned off phones (really looking forward to that actually! ?

) in a IC suitable box.

I’d read something somewhere in the wiki about people stealing stuff being ok so long as a ref is pre-warned.

I’m not comfortable with the idea that other players may feel its accepted they can sneak into a tent my kids are sleeping in?

That won’t end well, I’m hoping I’ve picked this up wrong?!?

Here are the relevant rules.

In short, IC tents are an In Character area. They are entirely legitimate to keep IC items, such as resources etc in, and other players may enter them to e.g. steal things and so on, during time in. If you find someone in your IC tent during time in, you can deal with it IC in a variety of ways…

You should keep your OC items in one place, and avoid mixing any IC items with them. Anyone who wants to steal your stuff (which they legitimately can, under the rules) must not go through OC possessions while doing so.

If you don’t want to have any risk of someone entering your tent without your agreement, you can camp OC instead. By camping on the field you opt into that, basically. Of course, potential thieves are probably not likely to try and hit a tent which contains sleeping children - that’s quite a risky strategy.

I’m pretty sure that anyone intent on theft would avoid a tent they knew had kids asleep in it, and leave if they opened it and then realised! In addition, tents are all OC during time-out - and in the evening before time-out when the kids are in bed already, I’m guessing you’d be in eyeline of the door anyway :slight_smile:

If you use facebook at all there’s a Parents At Empire type group, or they may have some discussions on here (afraid I don’t use the forum much - guessed my password more by luck than judgement this evening!) - other folk with kids will probably be able to give you a parents-eye-view of how camping at Empire tends to work out!

The rules about IC theft exist because it’s possible. In practice tents with children sleeping in an active camp aren’t going to be targeted because there are almost certainly people around. If the entire camp is abandoned then there might be a risk, but even then it’s very unlikely. Theft is illegal IC, so there aren’t very many kleptomaniacs, if you were keeping a priceless artifact in there it’s a different kettle of fish.

A tent on the IC field needs to be canvas and not obviously modern, being dressed inside is a nice bonus and aspirational not essential.

You’ve been introduced to Freya who’s the dawnish planner, every nation has one and we’re all currently playing games of tent Tetris to see if everything will fit on the field this time.

In terms of noise, my son tends to end up sleeping in someone’s arms rather than in the tent, but the noise of an evening doesn’t tend to wake him :slight_smile: he just refuses to be cut out of the action and knows if we try to put him down.