Quest Times

I am trying to help organise a party to go questing. But though I can find what times the monster slots are : … stice_2015 , I cant find online what time the quest character party times are? Could anyone let me know, as questing slots are competing with other events and I need to find out the party quest times asap otherwise these slots will be grabbed by other IC events.
Many thanks

I believe that PC Quest times are rolled out IC, during play.

This is to maintain some of the mystery of the thing as well as, franky, force people to choose between these and their carefully-planned social activities. Sorry.

OK, but last time I went quest monstering the party didn’t turn up, maybe because of the lack of info? I can appreciate IC, but feel it would be reasonable to give a time slot for the a nation so we can get prepared ( kitted up ), and work other IC events around this if possible. Not sure what the stats are on parties not turning up, but at the moment all I can do is say we are monstering at such a time, so we are likely to be questing on one of these other 5 slots, at which point there is a good chance all these time slots have been taken by other IC events weeks in advance.

Don’t forget that skirmish/quest opportunities can be deliberately hidden from players by other players, or missed entirely, and so forth. Or indeed the nation might decide that whatever it is doesn’t sound worth going out and risking their lives for. It’s not great for the volunteers who got kitted up to monster but it does happen…

If you know where you’re going then it is possible to find out IC when a quest will be going out to a location at the start of the event. You just need someone with Detect Magic to cast on the Sentinel Gate and if there is a conjunction going to that location it’ll tell you when and how many people can go through the gate.

You can read about the OOC game design reasoning behind how the Sentinel Gate works for quests, skirmishes and the like here.

I can appreciate the ideal, but on the ground is it working? Are more people missing quests because the are not aware that one is on, rather than a nation deciding not to go on one. What % of quests go ahead? I have certainly missed them because I wasn’t around when someone came saying there’s a quest in 10 minutes I do think that this matter could be settled by just trying for one event publishing the party times and seeing how it goes.

We generally lose less than one quest per event.

So in short, it’s working pretty well.

We will not be publishing a timetable of quest times, for a number of reasons (for a start, anyone can go on any quest - if we publish a timetable, nothing actually stops a group of players just turning up to the Sentinel gate in force and going to everything).

Organising quests OC would be horrid, I do understand your frustration though (although I have not missed any I wanted to go on.)

Which Nation are you with?

I would suggest talking to people in character at the start of the event, get to know the other groups, your generals, senators etc. and put your name about as being interested in going on quests for the better of your nation. You can also go on joint nation quests so it’s good to get around the field, find active groups and role-play with them.

Also speak to your egregore, as they open the gate to go on quests its worth checking in with them every now and then.

Thanks Noddy, that’s really useful advice :slight_smile:

It sounds like the current system functions as intended; speaking for myself I’d far rather have a setting where it feels like there’s too much to do and choices have to be made as to what you prioritise than one where you have everything pre-planned and there’s no chance of missing an opportunity :wink: