Questin’ for the Win

Hello. Just a quick question; how do quests work in Empire and how do you get involved in them? Thanks for the help ^^

Quests? Do you mean skirmishes, or Dawnish questing knights?

They are usually organised by the Military council for the nation, and are called Skirmishes.
At the very beginning of an event, pretty much every nation has a massive meeting, which they all name something different - Moot, Muster, Gathering… Um… I only know those 3…
Usually its where big announcements get made, and the Military leader will pretty much always tell everyone whats happening over the weekend - Why we are fighting the big battle and if any skirmishes have been organised and usually who you need to talk to to get more details.

Failing that, just ask around. If you are good friends with a group in another nation, you can go along with them aswell, if you need to scratch that questing itch.

As to how they work…
The theory - All about the military council and strategies. If any groups have an aim they need to put it to their nations council who decide what they are going to do. I’ve not gotten involved in that side of the game so I don’t exactly know the details, like how far in advance battles are booked etc.

As for practically - They work pretty much the same as the big battle, just a lot smaller and the aim is more personal

Keep in mind there is still a ‘social contract’ that if you fight, you should Monster for another battle/skirmish


the social contract is for battles not skirmishes. the dedicated skirmish team (pd crew) are the opponents for them unless its a really big quest then a call will go out for players to join in as the opponents


Ok, thanks for the clarification all, I was just wondering if there was a difference between skirmishes and quests.

Ah. right. so technically there is a difference between the two. So the skirmished aka minor conjuctions (as opposed to greater conjuctions aka battles) typically have room for 30+ people. are announced in the wind’s of war /fortune. This is so those who try to organise them can weep and those who go at them know what time to form an orderly que.

Quests however arnt announced tend to have room for significantly less people and have to be ferreted out at the event itself in uptime.

As an example 6 representatives of the Imperial government met up with some less than savoury individuals to hear out a deal they had to propose. This 6 body chat was a quest. The senators where made aware of this by an NPC and chose representatives to show up at the correct (though not widely known time)

The 70 body vallorn beat down happening the next field over 5 minuites later was skirmish. everyone knew about it a week before the event and had spent the previous day drumming up support.

To get involved with quests you need to be involved in the plot the quest is associated with ,know those who are or just be in the right place at the right time. For skirmishes talk to your local organisers and show up on time.


There’s a lot of different words used (quest, skirmish, conjunction, minor conjunction, encounter) and there’s a lot of overlap, with many people using different words to refer to the same thing.

To try and keep things simple, there are encounters that take place off the Anvil field, most of which are accessed through the Sentinel Gate. If it’s accessed in such a way, then it’s a conjunction - these have a specific time they are available, a specific duration before you need to come back, and a specific destination that you need to know before you can open the Gate.

Many of these conjunctions are announced ahead of each event in the Winds of Fortune. A select few - the major conjunctions - are announced as part of the Winds of War. Some are only seeded onto the field in less direct ways - such as via an NPC or a letter in someone’s pack.

Conjunctions might take you to an outside space, or an encounter tent (which usually, but not always, models an inside space). Some conjunctions are likely to include combat, some are less likely, and for some combat might only occur if instigated by Player Characters.

The smaller conjunctions can range in size from just one person to perhaps a few dozen, depending on their nature. Any magician can use detect magic on the Gate to check for a specific conjunction, for which they need to know the location (Nation, Territory, Region and Location), at which point they can discover the day, time, length and size of the conjunction.

It’s always a good idea to try and be prepared for a conjunction - otherwise you might bring fighters when magicians are needed, or priests when archers are needed!

Apart from the ones announced in the Winds, your best bet is to keep in touch with your Egregores, Senators, Generals and the like to see if they can let know about any opportunities available.


Thanks for the clarification ^^

Quests can often be unplanned and still lots of fun. I haven’t been on a skirmish yet, although I’ve been on an excellent boggart hunt with Academy children. But there’s so much stuff that players are trying to do that is just out of reach without you… Stuff I didn’t expect included sewing legs on, helping raise an animal army to fight vallorn, trying to rescue a friend of a friend and getting hallowed by Imperial Orc ancestors for killing Grendel.

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