Question about arrest

Hi. I was reading the wiki and thought that joining the militia would be a fun way to find game and get involved. I know a lot of it is investigation and talking to people and that there are some entry requirements so I may not get in anyway. But I wanted to ask how the mechanics of arrest worked. Is it just tapping someone on the shoulder and asking them to come with me? Or some kind of reading the rights process? And what can the militia do if they run? I’m hoping to play an archer but I’m assuming that there’s pretty tight rules on loosing arrows in a crowded area.

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Hello! Glad to hear you’re thinking of joining the militia, we’re always looking for new recruits!

As for arrest, 9 times out of 10 its going up to your suspect and saying ‘Would you like to follow me down to the Hub?’. If they refuse, politely remind them that resisting arrest is a crime, and ask the question again.

If they do a runner, then technically we are allowed to use ‘reasonable force’ to apprehend them, but this is rarely justified. And I think in any case the use of an arrow would be overkill, and likely dangerous around anvil, so I would advise against it.

Personally, if one of my suspects ran when I tried to arrest them, I would let them go, and then come and find them again later (unless they run out of anvil, there aren’t exactly many places they can go), and at Resisting Arrest to their list of charges.

If you have more questions about the militia, ask away, and I will do my best to help! (I currently play a Warrant Officer)


Cheers, that helps. Since you offered there are a couple :slight_smile:

  1. How much can you say about the application process? I’m imagining that a working knowledge of what the laws are would be useful but not sure what else.
  2. For other reasons I’m likely taking artificer. Are there any magic items that are particularly useful for militia?

I have a question about the militia. How far do their powers go? What are my rights as a citizen when dealing with the militia? Do all the militia have some symbol of office? Its always been something that happens on the periphery of my game but never really interacts with it (yet…)


  1. The application process tends to vary slightly depending on the exact circumstances the militia is in when you walk up looking to join, and from what I remember from conversations with the captain, may be changing slightly in the near future, but generally involves one or more of:
  • a short casual chat-type interview, generally asking about your reasons for wanting to join the militia
  • a task to find someone specific in anvil
  • shadowing an experienced militia officer whilst they carry out their duties
  1. Circlets of falling snow! Also anything that gives weakness or cleave would probably be useful too.


For powers and rights, the wiki page on Officers of the Law can probably explain more succinctly than I can, but I would say that the main thing to remember about your rights is that you are still afforded the protections of Imperial Law, so the militia should not assault you without good reason (such as to apprehend you if you try to run away from an arrest or a trial), and should not steal your property unless it is being seized as evidence in a case.

The main powers that the militia get to help us are the two crimes of Perverting the Course of Justice (which makes it illegal to interfere in an investigation, such as by giving false evidence, or refusing to give evidence), and Resisting Arrest, which I have mentioned above.

As for symbols of office, all militia officers should have a sash on their person, (which is a white sash embroidered with the symbol of a pavillion with a horse head on either side. They should also have a badge, which is a wooden badge with the Ophis rune, bearing the words ‘Anvil Militia’, and the back contains the officer’s name, rank, and badge number.

Hope this helps, and wasn’t too confusing!