Question about bands

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Why is it we can only join bands made up of members of our own nation?

That’s it, that’s all I wanted to know

The previous game they did had many nations too but as the events went by the costume and culture became more and more muddled. So with empire they’re very keen on maintaining the identity of the nations. Having nation locked bands is one of the ways they do this.


I would’ve thought the seperation of nations would be enough, but I guess not. Thanks for the answer

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In character, the separation of nations has been maintained through the power of Egregore magic. This does also power the ability to easily change bands, as long as you stay in your nation.

Out of character, clearly separated national cultures and styles is a design goal for Empire, so the game is set up to avoid having incentives for mixing (e.g by making Dawnish objectively better fighters) and to discourage merging mechanically.

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