Question about Ephisis' Scale


it says in the description of the ritual that it takes at least an hour for the trade to take place in the container. if i were to cast this at the regio does that mean i have to hang around the regio for an hour while the trade is happening, keeping an eye on my container so no one steals it? could i move the container to my tent?


You can’t move the container, because the referee needs to come back to it in order to give you your stuff.


Could it be moved to god?


No. It’s an IC container that exists IC and is busy doing an IC thing.


so, i would basically have to wait around the regio for an hour to make sure nobody stole my container? what if i staked the box to the ground and locked it? (providing the ref with a copy of the key of course)


I don’t think you could lock the box shut, but that would be a question for rules@pd. Remember that the objects you’ve sent aren’t in the box (either IC or OC), so it’s quite hard to steal them, although obviously if you aren’t around someone could take the trade on your behalf after the offer is returned.

You could chain it to the ground, though. That is probably fine. Or just cast before a sequence of nice big rituals so you have something to watch and people to talk to while you wait. Or buy a potion or something to get a rank of lore so you can cast it in your own tent where it’s nice and safe.


Would that tie up the regio for the next hour? That sounds like it could make someone unpopular.


Its only the box thats busy doing stuff, provided its to one side or out of the way, i dont see it being a problem, does the box have to remain stationary to work? As in do ritual then move box to a more convenient place? Like just outside the regio ( if cast there) then others can work inside the regio without falling over your box I.e. moved for safety reasons but still within the regio magic aura?


The regio is only in use for the two minutes of the ritual being cast. During the hour-long wait, other people can happily use the regio.