Question about OC camping

Last year at e4 I camped oc in a 4 man tent that I had to myself and I found it just enough room for just me and all my kit, this time around I’m adding a second person which would make it extra cozy when you’ve got 2 people plus kit, plus food for the weekend, so my question is this if I brought a second smaller tent to store food and kit in and used the other tent as primarily sleeping quarters would this be allowed?

If you’re driving, you could store stuff in your vehicle. If not, with 2 people you could probably reasonably have 2 tents… just make that spare one a tiny one.

When evaluating tent size, a 2 man tent tends to equal (1 larper plus their kit). At the minimum. A three man tent is, I’ve found, spacious for 1 larper.

If you’re adding a second person willing to snuggle up to you, you could probably, with care, discipline and careful packing, manage to get 2 larpers in a 4-man tent.

Otherwise, yeah, get the spare.

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If you are smart about it you can fit 2 people+kit in a 4 man tent. But it’s tight.

There are people with far larger tents for far fewer people. No one is going to have any issue with you using a secondary tent to store things.