Question - changing lineage after first event?

Hello everyone,

A few friends and I are attending our first event for E3 this year and I’m getting excited trying to get all my bits together and figure out my character.

I was considering going with one of the lineages (thinking Cambion) but I’m not sure if I can sort out a decent set of horns before my first event. I know other aspects of new characters can be changed after your first event just in case you pick something not suited to you. Are lineages treated in the same way?

I was wondering if I showed up and played human in the first event then changed to cambion for the second if I liked the character enough as that would give me more time to source some horns. (I sent an email to new player questions but haven’t heard back).

Any help and advice would be appreciated as I need to make a decision before sorting out the rest of my character.


I’m sure the email will clarify things, but you could consider doing some of the other trappings, such as metallic skin or nails, and upgrade to the horns once you’ve sorted the phys-reps. :slight_smile:


Depending on your nation, I am sure some cambions file down their horns and I have seen horns knocked off in battle (healer or player dabs some blood on for a RP ‘wound’) so there may be wiggle-room for some RP around your missing horns.

Also, if you check the wiki, the wording is clear:

Most means not all. Some cambions are subtly-touched, others more so.

Yes, so do the other bits and then worry about horns. Gaining a lineage later is the issue; improving your phys-reps when you have time and money is normal.


What they said. Increasing lineage is generally fine I believe, this is very different to acquiring it from nothing.

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Certainly it used to be the case that lineage can manifest at any time in life, so you could easily wake up with surprise horns one day between summits.

ETA This is not what the current rules say - see Canashir’s post below.

You can increase your lineage absolutely fine - if you start with (for example) some gold maze patterns on the face by your eyes, that would be an acceptable basic physrep for being a Cambion, and then you could increase it by getting horns later.


You cannot change or gain lineage in play (except for extremely rare, magical reasons). If you start a cambion you’re stuck a cambion. You can change trappings in play with reasonable justification (I.e. your horn phys reps hurt, so you go for copper skin instead), and you can certainly increase lineage at will.

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Quoting from

Also, from

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So you dont need to have the Iconic Trapping so long as you have one other physical trapping?

Also, can you have absolutely none of the role-playing effects?

For instance: a shy, cautious, scheming and calm changeling without “sharp ears” but a magnificent rack of stag antlers.

Hi everyone, thanks for all the responses, and good ideas in there.

Overall my main query was less “can I adopt a lineage later or play without trappings” and more, “is lineage treated the same as other character elements like skills and backstory, that’s allowed to change immediately after your first event if it doesnt work”

I may get a set of cheap small horns and then upgrade when I have time to maybe make my own. Hopefully that’ll be sufficient for game 1



I started a character as Changeling but couldn’t get on with the trappings. PD let me change her to human after an event. :slight_smile: They’re generally flexible when you’re trying out something new as a new character and aren’t sure if you can manage it!