Question on weapon length

Quick question: Are the lengths of the weapons measurements of just the blade or the total from tip to pommel?

I’m fairly confident it is total weapon length (but I’m not a ref).


Total length, tip to pommel

Thanks. Was hoping to get a hand-and-a-half or long hilted sword, I see now that that’s unlikely to be allowed. Shame.

You could still get a sword with a longer hilt, it’d just need a shorter blade. Otherwise there’d be someone who’s got a hilt as long as the blade saying “well the blade is only x inches”.

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The problem is that any long hilt and short blade looks goofy as all hell. Thanks for the help, though.

I have two hand-and-a-half swords, both under 42 inches so they count as one handed. I don’t think they look that goofy!

The weapon master skill would allow you to use any length of sword you liked.

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You could still have a hand-a-half sword, you just wouldn’t be allowed to use it one-handed. Great weapons (two-handed only) in the system can be up to 60" long.

Thresher, would you be able to provide a link to either of those?

They’re both Eldritch weapons. One is a custom-made sword which I asked specifically to have a hand-and-a-half grip. It’s a 41" weapon I think, making it just under a two-handed weapon, but whenever I use it I use it in 2 hands.

The other I just picked up from their stall at Empire last year. I think they described it as an estoc. It has the normal leather-bound grip and then an extra-long pommel that can double as a grip. It’s a 36" weapon I believe.

It is the length of the weapon, not of the blade (consider that otherwise a spear would be equivalent to a dagger…).

42" weapons with about 8-10 inches of handle can look quite decent, and are reasonably usable in either one or both hands (but always count as a one handed weapon for mechanical purposes). Most makers do several options in that line.