Question regarding items and the longest dark

I was looking at my character on the system and noticed that my bonded item has disappeared. It would have expired after the summer event, but we have not actually had any events at all this year. I’m wondering if I will be able to use it next year, as if game time is frozen it should technically still be in play?


That is how I’ve been thinking of it: the expiry date is usually by main events on the ribbons (IE, after summer event 2020), but if they’re on the system with a timer instead… that could be interesting.

I suspect that refs may end up checking the ribbons instead of the database for a while…

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My understanding of the intent of the plan is that everything should be paused, which would include item clocks. I would expect this will get fixed before E1 2021.

I recommend emailing to make sure that’s going to be handled properly.


Good spot. I’ve lost a bonded item in my inventory that was technically up E3.

Must be a timer to save on admin I guess.

Yep, I’ve lost my item too, which expires after E2.

I’ve emailed PD.

I assume the items exist in the system with a set expiry date, which we’ve now passed (i.e. this item expires on 04/06/2020). Hopefully PD can just add a year onto all items that expired this year.


I’ve got “Expires just before 2020 cancelled event.”

It was supposed to expire just before E3 2020- Summer solstice.

I’ve checked with PD and don’t worry the number of events an item lasts won’t get eaten by Covid, they’ll post an update on this sooner to the time.


I got an email from PD saying they will update all items that expired in 2020 to 2021