Questions for the New Player Team

Hi Clare

we will be five new players at the July event - two kids 12 and 10 and one 17 plus mum and dad.

we (the parents) last LRP’ed about 15 years ago and the kids never have

we will be camping IC and arriving Thursday

what advice / tips / etc can you offer?


Hi Mick,

Check out the Academy timetable for what lessons and field trips they are running for the kids. I know they have their summer sports day planned this event with various competitions around different nations. I believe there is also a Parents of the Empire Facebook group who are very helpful.

Meet your national egregore as soon as you can. They’ll be able to point you at players in the nation who can help you get involved in what you’re interested in, also those with more children! Which nation are you with?

I run a session between 4 and 6 in The Hub on Fridays which is an orientation/question answering/general chat type of thing. Feel free to come.

As a previous lrper you know the main thing, which is that it’s a social hobby and that speaking to people is what makes it work! Also if what you’re doing isn’t fun remember there’s lots of different faces to the game and there’s nothing wrong with changing tack and trying another one.

If you have any problems we’re available all weekend via GOD or via your egregore ( I’m on the other end of their radio). Also on

I look forward to meeting you.


On a vaguely related note, if making some (more?) connections in Dawn would help, I’m from the other Drycastle based house in Dawn, and I’m be more than happy to be a friendly face and be generally helpful.


I am one of the Faculty at the Academy and would definitely recommend you bring your young ones round Friday evening from 6-8 when we host a Parents Evening. We are located in the center of Anvil by the Orc Camp and should be quite easy to find. During that time you can meet me, the rest of the faculty and hear about what we have planned for the rest of the weekend that your children may want to get involved in. Details of what the Academy is are here: … e/?fref=ts).

As an advance heads up, we hold Test of Citizenship midday Saturday that your 12 & 10 year old could try and take. Once they do they will be considered full citizens and get access to skills like normal characters. Other things of interest include the Sports Day that we are holding, an Arts & Crafts session as well for the younger ones and PE to teach them the basics of fighting. The 17 year old is considered an adult, as far as possible, but they might still want to come by and see if they want involved in any of our activities.

We also have two field trips planned, one for the younger students which involves no/little combat and then a second field trip for the ‘Cadets’ that your 12 year old may be interested in. It is specifically aimed at those children who wish to get involved in combat but are not yet old enough to take the test to go on the battlefield (14+) and will be quite high combat. Do come by Friday to see us and get more info if any of this sounds interesting.

Feel free to message me if you have any more Academy related questions.

Thanks everyone - sounds really good!

We’re in Dawn, part of House Aurelius and playing a family of Nobles